How To Change Name for Minor In Austria

How To Change Name for Minor In Austria

  1. Get all the necessary documents.
  2. Go to the authority whose jurisdiction your case falls and file a request for or application for name changes along with the necessary documentation.
  3. Make sure you pay all fees necessary.

Documents Required Change Name for Minor

  • Completed application form and a formal written notice
  • The child:
    • Birth certificate
    • Documentation of citizenship
  • The legal guardian/legal representative:
    • Official photo identification
    • Birth certificate
    • Documentation of citizenship
    • Perhaps a marriage certificate (s)
    • The other parent may have consent parent
    • Divorce or separation decisions be confirmed that is legally binding
    • Perhaps a decision that has legal force acknowledgement by the court regarding care (legal representation)

Office Locations and Contacts

Registry Offices

To locate a registry office:

District Administrative Authority

To find the District Admin. Authority:


Municipal Department 35

Immigration, Citizenship , and Registry Offices – Office Management

1200 Vienna Road 93, Block C




Service number Contact number: +431 4000 3535

Fax: +43 1 4000 9935010

Senate Councillor Head of Department Phone: +431 4000 35011.

Lower Municipal Councillor the Deputy Head of Department Contact number: +43 1 4000 3513 50 00711.

The office hours are:

Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 15:30, Thursday also from 15:30 until 17:30 clock

Other than public holidays Good Friday the Christmas Eve (24.12.) (24.12.) and New Year’s Day (31.12.) from 7:30 to 12:00

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The application is submitted by the legal representative or parent of the child.
  • Child is Austrian citizen or Austrian resident, stateless or states-free ( or of a different nationality) with a residence in Austria or refugees with a residence or a permanent residence in Austria

Notification:The name change of minor children should be requested by the parent. To determine the parents’ mutual agreement except for unconformist marriage or, after divorce, joint custody requirement. However, it is a sufficient explanation from a parent when he assures they have the consent of both parents. permission or agreement cannot be reached through reasonable efforts. If one parent has the sole parent of the child, the other parent should be informed of the proposed name change and heard.


If there’s an excuse

To apply: 14.30 EUR

  • Furthermore, various amounts not yet charged could be charged. The cost of an official marriage certificate as an additional charge can be, for instance, up between 3.90 euros and 3.90 euros.

In the absence of a any substrate (“Preferred Name”)

To apply: 14.30 EUR

  • Additionally, different amounts that have not yet been billed could be charged. The cost of an official marriage certificate as an additional charge is, for instance, from 3.90 euros.

For approval: 545.60 (382.60 and 163 fee, federal federal administrative fee)

  • If you return back to the initial German version of the name – even if the person has previously used the name in German – Total: 437.10 EUR (382.60 EUR 54.50 EUR German Federal fee and administrative fee)

Note: As of the 1st January 2008, the applicable regulation states that when it comes to the display of works directly triggered by the birth of a baby, as long as they are not released within 2 years of the date of birth, they are not subject to federal costs, but concerns could also affect the name. A document that is issued following the name change that the infant has ( like birth certificates) and only toll free in the past, when the document was provided free of charge to the child.

Documents to Utilize

Send an email request to change your name


Competent Authority

The district administration for the place of the residence or habitual residence or the final location of habitual or home in Austria:

  • The administration of the district
  • In the statutory cities The magistrate:
    • In Vienna In Vienna: The Municipal Department 35 (even for people who do not have any residence or who have a regular residency in Austria)

Documentation is needed

Minors, legitimate or not are entitled to change their initial or family name.

The reasons for changing the name

  • The minors want the name of the family of his or her parents, or to get an adult to be a parent.
  • The minor would like to know to change the name of the family of a person whose name is derived from the one or she has derived from the family name has derived from, and the family name of which has been altered or the change was applied
  • The minors want the name of their family of the person who has the custody of her or his or her plays that he is, or as part of the care that is provided to the care relationship not just intended for a limited period

10 – to 14-year-olds are entitled of being heard . Changes in the name of 14 year olds needs their individual consent. The same rules apply to legalization of unlegitimate children through a later marriage.

Since April 1, 2013, children can be given dual names. The names must have in a minimum of two parts, and it must be separated by an hyphen.

Information that can be useful

Legal Basis for Change of Name

In order to make the change Family-/Nachnamen one among the grounds legally valid listed in this article must be:

  • The Family-/Nachname above is ridiculous or is offensive.
  • The family name is hard to pronounce, or is difficult to write.
  • If the applicant is of foreign descent and would like to have to have a family name for him/her it helps in determining the status of the applicant in the domestic:
    • The request for name change has to be submitted ? within two years of the date of acquisition of Austrian citizenship.
  • The applicant applicant is seeking to be a member of a family named she has done so in good faith , and to be entitled to an out is
  • The applicant applicant is seeking an ancestor’s name, which she or who performed in the past has
  • The pros and the Familien-/Nachname as well as the day of birth of the applicant and the applicant match the same data of another person , therefore accept that mistakes could occur.
  • The applicant applicant is seeking to have a name or names regardless of finding a surname within 93 to 93c in the General Civil Code obtained (Civil Code)
  • The applicant/the applicant plans to apply to apply for a surname, even after the initial Identity according to the Civil Code will
  • The applicant applicant is seeking the last name identical to that of their registered partner/ registered partner which could be associated with the application in a way that is highly personal, unique, and non-derivable legal name that preceded or was later
  • The minor or the person applying to the minor’s initials of the person who is the custodian (or joint custody of the play) or is in the care that she or is, and the relationship between them is not just for only a brief period of time
  • The applicant applicant is a holder of Austrian citizenship along with another citizenship . They want to change his or her family name, which has already legally transferred to another employee rules. The intention behind the name change is to use the same name following the two rights of native.
  • The applicant applicant has the ability to show that the change of the name of the family is necessary to prevent unfair disadvantages in financial terms or in relationships with others and the possibility that these disadvantages cannot be avoided in another way.
  • The applicant applicant is seeking, for reasons other than to have a different family name (“Preferred Name”)

NOTE: From April 1st, 2013 the name of a couple is permitted on children. For more information about naming rights:

How To Change Name for Minor In Austria
How To Change Name for Minor In Austria

Change of the first name

To change the first name for one of the enumerated legal grounds , they must follow:

  • The first name of the former is as if it’s offensive or ridiculous.
  • The first name of the former is hard to pronounce or difficult to write.
  • The applicant applicant is of a foreign national and would like an identity that is unique to her will allow her to be classified in the country:
    • The request for the name change has to be submitted ? within two years of the time when the benefits of Austrian citizenship.
  • The applicant applicant would like to have to be given a first name, and has is or she has been honest enough to be eligible to get out has
  • The applicant applicant is seeking an initial name, she or he has previously performed right
  • The name of the applicant’s first and last and the date of birth of the applicant the applicant match the data from an individual, therefore agreeing that mistakes could occur

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