How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Akrotiri

How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Akrotiri

How to go about changing your name will be contingent on which category you fall into. The process of changing your name after divorce or marriage is an easy process, whereas changing your name simply because’ takes a bit more effort, but is still fairly straightforward and much easier than it was in the past.

Change your name through the deed poll

The benefit of changing your name through a the deed is that you have proof in writing that you’ve changed your name. This, in conjunction the birth certificate is accepted in most administrative procedures. It also provides an affordable and simple solution to many of the issues that result from changing your name.

In the event that you have changed names at the time you were married, you will not need to conduct deed polls since you will have your marriage certificate as proof of the name change.

Documents that are required Change Your Name (Deed Poll

The majority of applications for changes of name have to include at minimum three forms of identification which show the that the name is used in the new. In some instances the documents must be for the period of time. Be sure to read the guidelines to determine the specific change you need. Acceptable identification documents could comprise the following:

  • School records
  • Tax records
  • Military records from the military
  • Medical card/records
  • Driver’s license
  • Federal/state/local government cards
  • Deeds to the property
  • Records of insurance
  • Foreign passport

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How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Akrotiri
How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Akrotiri

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Every person has the right of changing their names.
  • Children and adults alike can change their names for many reasons.


After you’ve married, you can decide to keep using your personal name or begin using the surname of your spouse.

A spouse can choose to take on the surname of his or her spouse prior to marriage, at birth or via adoption. The spouse may also take the surname of their partner in marriage.

After divorce, an individual can take their birth name or as a married surname.

The Information You Need

  • Your name is listed on the birth certificate or on citizenship or immigration documents.
  • The full name you’re applying to change (if you’re switching your names).
  • Place and date of birth
  • Details about marital status and other details
  • The places of residence for the past three months
  • Address for correspondence

The Document is required Change Your Name (Deed Poll)

If you use or are planning to use another name than the name you registered There exists no lawful requirement to change your name officially. It is recommended to change your name legally in order to prove your identity and as proof of the name change.

Name change is generally the legal action of the person who is adopting the name of a different person from the name they had at birth in marriage, or through adoption. The process and procedure for changing names differ across the jurisdictions.

Information that can be useful

Typically, you are able to legally change your identity to any name you’d like to. There are a few exceptions, however:

  • It is not possible to change your name to get rid of debts or cover yourself from criminal responsibility.
  • You cannot change your name to commit the crime.
  • You shouldn’t alter your name in order to deceive. This typically involves using the name of a celebrity. The courts generally don’t allow this, unless there is an argument that proves not directly related to the person who is famous or the usage of his or her name.
  • You shouldn’t pick a name that is confusing because it has punctuation marks or numerals. Some courts have allowed people to write the numbers in a different way such as “Seven” rather than “7”.
  • You shouldn’t pick the name that is likely to frighten people, offend or be thought to be offensive.
  • You cannot pick a racial slur.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

You may wish you to alter your name due to:

  • You’ve just been married
  • You’ve been divorced
  • If you just want to make a change

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You don’t need evidence of legality that you’ve switched your names, so long as it is clear that you are able to be identified with your new name. However, there are certain instances, like seeking a passport where proof of the change in name is required. The required evidence varies based on the reason the evidence is required. It could include:

  • an official letter from a responsible individual
  • an announcement to the public
  • a statutory declaration
  • a deed poll.

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