How to Covert or Exchange Foreign Driver License In Iraq

Covert or Exchange Foreign Driver License In Iraq By Online

If you’ve entered Iraq with an NOC, you may get a temporary Driver License until the Residency process are completed and you’ve got an official Civil I.D. Following that you will be granted a Full License can be obtained This process takes approximately two months. Therefore, you must apply for a 2 month temporary License to drive. License.

  • You need to obtain an official translation of your foreign driver’s license. The translation must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Also ensure that you have the photocopy of your driver’s license.
  • You can do all of that is mentioned above at the Embassy, as well you may register at the Embassy as the citizen of your country, and living within Iraq (eg the U.K. citizen living within Iraq).
  • Next step, acquire an application form from the Police Traffic Department in the location where you reside.
  • Complete the application form to apply for an Iraq driver’s license.
  • Send the completed application forms to the Director of the Traffic Department or Traffic department office in your region to be processed further.
  • Once you have completed this process, you’ll receive a two month driver’s license. Permanent Licenses are only valid if you’ve obtained your Residency and Civil I.D., an eyesight test (in addition to the one you require for your residency) and the blood Group Certificate.

Required Documents For Covert or Exchange Foreign Driver License

  • Foreign Driver License
  • Copy of your translation from your Foreign Driver License

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact Information for whom you may reach out for more details : Contact InformationFollowing link will provide you with contact details : Contact Information


  • You are able to drive in Iraq with the condition of an International Driver License, if you are on the Visit/Business Visa but not an NOC. This International License must be insured and is only valid for the duration of the Visa usually one month.

The following link provides you with details about International Driver License acceptance in different countries: International Driver Permit Recognition

The Document is required

This guideline will give you details on how to change or convert an international driver’s license in Iraq.



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