How to Eviction of a Tenant In Mali

Eviction of a Tenant In Mali By Yourself

  1. Residential lease disputed are file at the civil courts, while commercial lease dispute are file at the commercial court, building owners/lessor aggrieved by the lease agreement contract should visit the court responsible/competent and file the application.
  2. Go to the court of competent and voice your grievances to the front desk. collect the necessary forms, accurately complete them, then include all required documents (listed below under the documents required section) and then submit the application to be checked and recorded by the court clerk or court receptionist.
  3. The file is sent to the court department responsible, and is then verified and registered. You will be advised to pay the fees required as determined by the judge at the counter for cash.
  4. When the payment is received, the interim order of the court for the subject of the residential lease is drawn up in the civil court. In the commercial lease, the court order judgment is drawn up in the commercial court, by the authorized official.
  5. If the client summons the bailiff the bailiff will accompany the person to the property leased to serve the expulsion notice.

Required Documents For Eviction of a Tenant In Mali

  • The bailiff’s summons.
  • The lease contract, if it is in existence.
  • Rent receipt.
  • Identity card valid

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of JusticeAddress Address: Cite administrative Building N deg 12 3rd floor Mali
BP 97 Bamako MALI
Telephone: +223 20 01 59 11
Website: Link

How to Eviction of a Tenant In Mali
How to Eviction of a Tenant In Mali


A property owner/lessor, either let out as commercial or residential and able to evict tenants in the following situations:

  • If the fixed-term contract has been canceled.
  • If the lease contract is for an indefinite time period, the leaser requests it following six months’ notice through non-judicial means.
  • In the case of non-payment of rent in arrears.
  • If the owner of the property would like to take over the property for use by family members or for personal use. In this scenario the former must issue a leave (notice) for 6 months upon the tenant. They must also remain in the property for two years, subject to paying damages to the tenant who has been evicted.
  • If there are significant work that affects the foundations and walls.


  • 8.000 CFA Francs to be enlisted before the civil courts
  • 26,000 CFA Francs prior to that court of commerce.
Not included the cost of bailiffs to serve the summons as well as attorneys’ fees, if applicable.


The notice of eviction states the date and the time on at which the eviction will be completed.

Processing Time

The time for processing is on the same day or month following an appeal to the Tribunal in accordance with the severity that the situation is.

Requirements Information

  • The full name of the property ownerLessor/tenant
  • Contact information of the tenant or lessor
  • The residential area of the building is located in the building
  • Type of building leased
  • Identification card details
  • Information about the lease agreement
  • The reasons for submitting the request for expulsion
  • A declaration from the lessor

The Document is required

An eviction order is legal document issued by the landlord/law courts in the direction of the tenant informing the tenant to vacate the premises within a specified date.

Information that could be helpful

Important note:

  • When evicting a tenant the landlord needs to be familiar with the law and be aware of what time and when to issue an Eviction notice. It is possible to remove tenants from the property at your own expense or obtain legal advice in the process of eviction by a law court.

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