How To Foreigner Apply for Passport In Argentina

How To Foreigner Apply for Passport In Argentina

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Documents that are required Foreigner Apply for Passport

for a spouse or widower Argentine citizen

  • National Identity Card
  • A certificate issued by the consular authorities corresponding to the nationality of the person, which confirms the loss or the reason that stop the authority from extending the passports to those who are concerned.
  • Birth marriage, death and birth statement and certificate, in the event of applicable or marriage certificate in which it is noted that it was registered only if the act is recorded by the Argentina Republic, or otherwise the foreign birth or marriage certificate or marriage declarations made into Spanish language, with the legalization of the Translators Association;
  • Spouses Civic Book, Enrollment Book or National Identity Card, or spouse’s naturalization documents for purposes of proving the validity of his/her Argentina nationality;
  • A certificate from the National Direction of Migration proving the legal residency of the applicant.

Children younger than 18 born in the United States

  • National Identity Card
  • Birth certificate, or statement and adoption certificate , if applicable.
  • Parents and adoptive parents’ Enrollment Book or Certificate as well as a the Civic Book, National Identity Card or naturalization or birth certificate in the event of need to be used for validating that they have Argentina nationality.

Office Locations and Contacts

Headquarter:Antrtida Argentina Avenue 1355,
C1104ACA Buenos Aires
Hiplito Yrigoyen 952,
C1086AAP Buenos Aires
Rotaries Lines: (011) 4317-0234

General Directions of Migration
The control of staying: from Monday through Friday, 08:30 to 13:30 hrs.

What Are All The Eligibility

Foreigners who reside in Argentina.

The Document is required Foreigner Apply for Passport

Passports are documents which is a proof of identity and the nationality of the person who holds it for travel purposes.

In accordance with Order 261/2011 according to Order 261/2011, the New Passport is issue by the Home Ministry through the National Registry of People and is available at all Digital Offices in the country or Fast Document Centers in which the NIC is processed.

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