How to Get Clearance for Commercial Aircraft In Bahamas

Get Clearance for Commercial Aircraft In Bahamas By Online

Apply in-person:

  1. In order to obtain clearance to fly Commercial Aircraft, the applicant is required to go to the closest Office in the Customs Department in his/her state of residence. Contact details and addresses of the branch offices throughout the country are available on the following page Address information
  2. Visit the office to pick up an application form to apply for Clearance for Commercial Aircraft (C7) from the officer in charge.
  3. You can also download an Application Form, C7 by clicking the following Link to Download the Application Form C7.
  4. Complete the necessary C7 Inward Declaration form to Commercial Aircraft form in triplicate.
  5. The form must be presented in triplicate together with the appropriate papers to the customs official at the time of arrival in the Port of entry in the Bahamas and other documents supporting the application.
  6. After the forms have been processed, a copy will be handed over to immigration, customs and the pilot to keep for his documents.

Required Documents For Get Clearance for Commercial Aircraft

  • Proof of citizenship/Identification  Passport) for the captain and other crew and passengers
  • Passenger manifest
  • Cargo manifest

Office Locations and Contacts

Customs Department
.P. O. Box N 155NASSAU
Website: Link
Contacts: address details


Commercial aircrafts (passengers or cargo) may be used.


Two kinds of fees are applicable:

1.Overtime charges are charged for flights that arrive prior to 9 a.m. and later than five p.m. Monday through Friday and on Saturdays at 12:01 a.m. through 12 midnight and on Sundays from 12:01 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. on Monday.
For commercial airlines, the costs are in the following order:

  • The maximum number of seats allowed is $25 an hour.
  • Excessing 30 seats but not exceeding 70 seats costs $50 per hour.
  • In excess of 70 seats, it costs 100 dollars per hour.

To use Cargo Airlines the fee is $50 per hour.

2.Landing fees are determined by the how much weight the plane weighs. (These fees are governed via Civil Aviation)

NOTE: The landing fees are paid by Customs within The Family Island ports only. The rate sheet is downloaded from the Civil Aviation Department. Links to Rate Sheet

Documents to Utilize

The Application Form C7
Link 1 OR Link 2


  • When filling out the form, when filling out the form “Place” column must contain the origin, all en route stop, and the destination.

The Information You Need

  • The Nationality Mark and Registration
  • Flight No.
  • Date
  • Departure from
  • Arrival at
  • Place
  • The number of passengers at this particular stage
  • Cargo manifest sheets with attached
  • Crew size
  • Health Declaration
  • Signature

Documentation is needed

In accordance with the regulations of customs, commercial aircrafts (passengers and cargo) are required to supply the Aircraft General Declaration, passenger and cargo manifest.

Information that can be useful

Click here for more details: Link

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