How to Get Exploration License or Permit from Mines Department in Nigeria

How to Get Exploration License or Permit from Mines Department in Nigeria By Yourself

  • The applicant must visit the Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office in person to apply for an Exploration License or Permit from Mines Department.
  • You can find the address and contact details in the contact link.

  • You can visit the office to obtain an Exploration License/Permit application form from the appropriate department. Or click here to download application form
  • You should ensure that all documents required by this page are available to you.
  • Please complete the application form. Sign it.
  • Attach all required documents to the application form, and then submit it to the MCO.
  • Follow the procedure to pay the processing fees.
  • The unique code assigned to your application will allow you to identify it and will also be used for entry in the priority register.
  • The acknowledgement receipt will be also issued to the applicant. The office will then notify the landowners to submit a final consent within seven days of the submission of the application.
  • In the meantime, the applicant will receive notification about any discrepancies in his/her submitted application and be instructed to rectify them.
  • You should do this within five days. Otherwise, the office will cancel your application without refund.
  • After all corrections have been made, the office will verify them and then enter all information into the system. The office will recommend approval.
  • The applicant will be notified when the license can be collected.
  • You must pay the fees within 14 days or your license will be revoked.
  • The applicant will be notified by phone or email when the annual fees have been received to obtain the license.

Documents Required For Get Exploration License

  • Completed application form
  • Pre-Feasibility Report for Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geoscientists. (COMEG).
  • Prospecting plan
  • Original Existing Exploration License
  • Financial capability must be proven
  • Demonstration of technical competence
  • Final consent from landowners
  • Evidence of not being convicted of any type of criminal offense
  • You must provide proof of payment
  • Certificate of incorporation (Certified True Copy).
  • List of minerals that can be explored
  • Notification to land owners
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Copy of Community Development Agreement (CDA).
  • Compensation
  • Plan of Rehabilitation and Mine Closure
  • Reports from Mineral Resources and Environmental Committees.

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Nigerian Mining Cadastre Office,37, Lobito Crescent,
Ademola Adetokunbo Wuse II
Abuja, Nigeria.
Phone: +234 (0)816-410-1937
Website homepage
Contact link

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone in Nigeria who is interested in Exploration can apply.
  • The exploration license, mining lease, small scale mining lease, or quarry lease that covers the land in question should not be used.
  • The license is not available for military areas, forest reserves, government dev areas, national patrimony areas, etc. Also, the land should not have been closed for prospecting/mining activities.
  • An Exploration License covers a maximum of [ Link] (1000 CUCs).


For more information on fees, please contact the office.


The license is valid for 3 years and can be renewed for 2 additional terms of two (2) years each.

Documents for Use

Application form

Processing Time

The application process would be completed within 30 days of the submission date.


  • To avoid rejections, applicants are asked to fill out the application carefully and accurately.
  • All required documents must also be provided.
  • Three copies of the application form must be submitted by the applicant.
  • The license issued will be valid for 3 years and renewable for 2 additional terms of two (2) year each. This is provided the title holder meets all legal requirements, including the minimum work commitment/programme.

Requirements Information

  • The location of the license requested
  • Name and address of applicant
  • State and local government areas
  • Register number
  • The full name and address of each representative
  • Explore minerals
  • Coordinates: Corner of the perimeter and Centre & No. These are the cadastral units

You will need the document

An Exploration License or Permit from the Mines Department is required to conduct Exploration of Minerals for Commercial Purposes in Nigeria.


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