How To Getting Amicable Divorce In Austria

How To Getting Amicable Divorce In Austria

  1. Send a petition for divorce application to the District Court.
  2. Once the court has received the application, the court will fix a date for hearing on which both spouses have to be present.
  3. An announcement will then be issued on the petition. Any person who disagrees with the decision is able to make an appeal within 14 days of the date of the appeal’s decision. After the deadline has passed the decision is in effect, rendering the divorce binding and ineligible for reversal in any legal way.


  • One of the parties could decide to withdraw any divorce request.
  • Beginning on February 1, 2013 will be bound by the parties in an amicable divorce. During this time, minor children are required to prove before the judge prior to end of the divorce or an attempt to manage the consequences of divorce. concerning the exact results of the divorce requirements of their children. an appropriate individual or entity consult with an appropriate person or entity.
  • For more information, go to the official website of the Federal Ministry of Justice.;jsessionid=0E835B4F200F26C5818BFF8883710CE4

How To Getting Amicable Divorce In Austria
How To Getting Amicable Divorce In Austria

Documents Required Getting Amicable Divorce

  • Certificate of Marriage Certificate
  • Documentation of the citizenship of the wife or spouse
  • The official identification of the wife or Husband
  • The message is confirmed
  • If required birth certificates of children
  • Documents related to the property that are to be divided (Deed lease, etc. )

Office Locations and Contacts

Federal Ministry of Justice

1070 Vienna, Museumstr. 7

Contact Numbers Contact Numbers: Tel: 01/52636 / 0800-9999 99 99 (From 8am until 4:00 pm)

Email Inquiry Form:;jsessionid=26A63FAE8BDB67072BB5A12927CA5A1D

District Courts

To do a search:


  • Divorce Petition: 266 EUR (total)
  • Additional Charges Additional Fees EUR (total)
  • If required, the agreement to transfer ownership of immovable property, or other grounds for rights 398 (total)


  • Each spouse is jointly and numerously accountable for the costs. If one spouse was represented by amicable divorce lawyer or attorney and the legal fees are shared equally by spouses.


In essence, the court in the district where spouses reside with the most common residence or had is the court who is in charge of divorce procedure.

The Information You Need

The divorce agreement should contain an agreement regarding the following issues:

  • Parting of assets between the couple, and savings and debt for marital use.
  • The legal claims of mutual entertainment
  • If necessary the custody of children
  • If needed it is necessary to fulfill the obligation of maintenance towards children who are not common
  • If necessary there are rules for the exercise of the right to access (formerly right to visit) to children of a common age

Need to have the Document

Divorce or dissolution of marriage is the ending of the marriage union between married couples. It is the result of the annulment of all legal obligations and responsibilities of spouse and husband.

Spouses who haven’t been living together for more than 6 months and who no does their relationship look like returning to the way they used to be able to jointly file for amicable divorce. A divorce with mutual consent implies that the spouses/partners have a common understanding of the consequences of the divorce. This request can be sent either in writing or orally. Parties need to make an agreement for divorce. The Agreement could also be signed orally in court , on the record, or written as an example. It could be included in the divorce application.

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