How To Getting Married In Armenia

How To Getting Married In Armenia

It is a custom that the groomsmen should ask family members of the bride’s wedding to give her the hand. Armenian perform this by holding an event with people from both brides’ families and groom’s families.

The reception of engagement is virtually identical to the wedding reception. One thing that is different is that the reception for engagement doesn’t include a ceremony of the religious kind. However, there is an officiant present. He blesses both engagement ring and couples plans to marry.

Someone who would like to wed an Armenian citizen must fill out the document (in English and Armenian) in which he or she declares that he/she is legally allowed to marry. A Consular Officer is required to notarize this form. The cost will be USD50 or equivalent in Armenian Dram, which is payable to the Consular Section.

After the marriage certificates have been notarized, they need to be handed over at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for verification. The Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry is located at Republic Square, across from the Marriott Hotel (please use the entrance at Amiryan St. for marriage letters). The marriage is then approved through the Civil Acts Registration Agency (also called ZAGS) in the Ministry of Justice. When visiting the Civil Acts Registration Agency, the Armenian spouse has to submit an identical document from the home Civil Acts Registration Agency office to confirm that they are able to get married. A certified translation of the document is required.

Documents that are required Getting Married

  • The application must be in writing ( template can be downloaded from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia,
    How To Getting Married In Armenia
    How To Getting Married In Armenia

     address or Civilian Authority).

  • If you cannot be present at one of the people who are planning to marriage , or Civil authority to accept the application the application can be signed by a couple who is married to one of them. The or the equivalent territorial body of the person who is missing. the application. The application must be endorsed by a notary public or a foreign nation that is a member of Republic of Armenia Consulate bodies capable of performing the duties as a public notary, or any other person.
  • The union of two people you have documents that certify documents.
  • If the individual has previously been identified in the marriage unit (e.g. marriage certificate, death certificate for spouse, or marriage annulment issued by the court in relation to the final ruling from a court in a different country, such as the lawful divorce judgment and so on.)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Justice cases (Addresses and methods of communication)

Civil Acts Registration Office (Ministry of Justice in the Republic of Armenia)

What Are All The Eligibility

Marriage applications must be built on mutual agreement and there should be no reason to prevent couples from marrying in accordance with the Family Code.


A state fee is due for the registration of marriage AMD1000: A civil body to working outside of the marriage registration fee that is imposed by the state. 10,000 drams for an additional fee to the amount.

The Ministry of Justice in Armenia’s civil registration of marriages through the civil marriage registration 50.000

Documents to Utilize


Examples of Documents

Steps for Obtaining a Marriage License


Following the filing of the mariage registration wedding will be celebrated within 10 days but not longer than three months following the date of the application. If valid reasons for wanting to get married cannot be established by the Civilian body that is currently in charge and the date on which the marriage registration application changes and is required to be included on the marriage registration application. If applicants aren’t present in the Civilian Authority within three months following the date of their marriage request, the application will be deemed null and void. Couples who are married and sharing applications that are based on marriage registration’s 10-day period can be reduced for the above mentioned reasons, if applicable.

  • The child’s marriage (ren) has
  • Womans pregnancy (at 12 weeks).
  • The union of a soldier who was enlisted to serve in the military.
  • Participation within the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia married couple and military work in the cities.
  • One of them is a lengthy period of time to leave the country in Armenia. Republic of Armenia (absent) in this case.
  • A severe illness.

These reasons need to be backed by the relevant documents (e.g. birth certificate, medical certificates of pregnancies birth certificate and paternity identification certificates, military service reference an official document that confirms an excursion to Armenia was made in the Republic of Armenia, etc. ).

Requirements Information

  • Name Surname, surname, Family name as well as nationality, birthplace and date and citizenship of each individual who is married
  • The couple has chosen the surname after marriage registration in the state registry.
  • Family situation
  • The data of the documents that confirm individuality

The Document is required Getting Married

Civil Code defines marriage as an act of civil standing subject to state registration. Family Code prescribes that marriage with a foreigner is performed in accordance with the rules stipulated in the laws that governs the Republic of Armenia. Statutes of civil Status comprise primarily in the Family Code, Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia and international treaties.

Information that can be useful

Civil Registry Agency Civil Registry Agency provides services for the registration of civil procedure laws of the state registry of civil acts and maintains civil registry archives, and offers an automated design of databases. For more details, visit this link.

Other uses of the document/certificate

The property acquired by spouses in marriage is joint property, unless specifically provided for in the law or contract.

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Foreigners have to apply for an official permit by the Armenian government before they can marry an Armenian citizen. Armenia. It is necessary to show Armenian officials that you are no longer married to someone else – whether you’ve not been married before or divorces are all finalized that your identity has been established and that you have not committed any crime in Armenia. This can be done by submitting numerous documents like the Affidavit for Single Status with the Armenian government in Armenia or through an Armenian Embassy.

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