How to Getting Married In Uruguay

Getting Married In Uruguay By Online

  1. Visit your local Directorate General of Civil Registry office.
  2. Fill out an application form.
  3. Documents to be submitted.
  4. Pay the amount.

Required Documents For Getting Married

  • divorce certificate/divorce decree (if applicable)
  • death certificate of the former spouse (if appropriate)
  • younger than 18 years old, parent to be married:
  • Birth certificate (if the parents of the minor aren’t married)
  • documents are translated and legalized with the help of an approved translator in a different document in another ( the legalization process for Foreign Documents )
  • Submit a legally valid divorce documents that are legal (for foreign divorce judgments)

Office Locations and Contacts

In Montevideo:Sarandi 428
Phone: 2915 3260/6067/6051
Hours of Operation from d until Friday, based on the first alphabet of their name.

  • from A from LL of A to LL: 07:30 until 12:00 hours .
  • D and the M to ZFrom 13:00 until 17:30.

in hospitals Pereira Rossell Hospital, Clinics, Military or Canzani (only for patients therein ) during the hours of Monday to Friday , 9:30 to 14:40 .

Interior: Interior:

  • The Peace Courts concerned .
  • The Office No. 14 located in the City of Costa, Canelones:
    • It is open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 until 13:30.
  • In in the Office No. 15. City of Las Piedras
    • Between 8:30 until 13:00.


You must be at least the age of 16.


  • wedding outside the office: $1,904
  • The marriage ceremony is encouraged at the workplace: $389
  • Additional witnesses additional witnesses


  • You must have four witnesses at the ceremony.
  • It is necessary to register at least three months in advance of when you are planning your wedding.

Documentation is needed

The following are the steps to follow for getting wed in Uruguay.

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