How To Give Color To Text In Html

how to give color to text in html
HTML color to text
<p style="color:#FF0000";>Red paragraph text</p>
how to change font color in html
<p style="color: red;">This is paragraph in RED color</p>
html color text
<!-- <p style="color:enterColor">insertContentHere</p>-->

<p style="color:#0000ff">This text is blue.</p>
<p style="color:rgb(106, 90, 203)">This text is violet.</p>
<p style="color:red">This text is red.</p>
changing text colour in html
<p style="color:#FF0000";>Roses are red</p>
<p style="color:#800080";>Violets are blue</p>
how to change font colour in html
<font color="red">

Lorem Ipsum

html text color
<p style="color: [name od color e.g. 'blue' or hex code e.g. '#ffffff']">
Hi, I'm coloured </p>


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