How To Guidance To Apply Student Loan In Gambia

How To Guidance To Apply Student Loan In Gambia

To assist students to pay for their college and post graduate studies, the governments of Gambia provide student loans. They typically have lower interest rates, as compared to commercial loans, and they are generally authorized and endorsed from the Government of Gambia.

The steps to find your student Loan

Step 1. First step using an online tool for comparison. Choose the university or college you’ll be attending as well as the amount you’ll need to borrow. Then, you can look at the loans that fit your needs and choose one to apply for.

Step 2. The next step is to select your student Loan. Find out what the Ministry of Education through the loan department is offering and what requirements to be able to obtain within your college. Review those terms, and then apply for the loan you think is required.

Step 3. Complete Your Application. Fill in the loan application until the end. If you’re not a Gambian citizen or non-Gambian permanent residence then you are not eligible in order to get this kind of loan since you aren’t eligible.

Step 4. Be Approved. The initial approval usually occurs within a few days or weeks after the time you submit your application. The loan funds will be distributed by the department that approved it once it is approved directly to your college or tertiary institution Bank Account.

Documents that are required Guidance To Apply Student Loan

1.) Copies of the Academic pass slips
I) A duplicate of an admission letter
3. Letter of request for loan
iv) Three recent passport photographs.
V) fees structure
vi) Operating Bank Account Number.
vii)West West Africa Senior Secondary Cert Exam (WASSCE)
viii)Repayment Plan
IX) Birth Certificate
(x) National Identification Card.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry for Basic and Secondary Education

Willy Thorpe Building

Telephone: (00220) 4228232 –

Telephone: (00220) 4228233 –

Telephone: (00220) 4228234 –

Telephone: (00220) 4228235

Fax: (00220) 4224180




What Are All The Eligibility

(a)Should be A Gambian National.

(b) Have been granted admission to a university course at an accredited institution in Gambia by taking the Entrance Test or Merit Based Selection procedure following successful completion of HSC.


Valid between 2 and 5 years

Processing Time

Processing can take up to 6 weeks.


i). The applicant must have Gambian students.
ii). The applicant must present an admission letter.
II) The student must be a graduate of a higher secondary school prior to applying for this loan Scheme.
iv). Candidates must be admitted into an approved secondary Institutions of Higher learning in Gambia.
v). The application must be made as early as possible to allow ample time for processing the application .

The Information You Need

I) Private information
ii)Contact details
iii)Right tax code
iv)Account details
v)Correct name
vi)Loan details.
vii)a copy from the WASSCE Statement of Results.
viii)the transcript from the person who applied.
ix)Gambian application form.

The Document is required Guidance To Apply Student Loan

  • A student loan is the loan that is provided to a person in order to help them finance their further education. Since there is a rising demand for highly qualified individuals and an escalating costs of higher education the need for student loans has become very common. You could meet a variety of individuals who are needing loans for students to help them finish their studies.
  • The Students Loan Scheme within Gambia is a financial arrangement, under which Gambian Students were granted loans to finish their education after completing their studies at tertiary schools in Gambia.

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How To Guidance To Apply Student Loan In Gambia
How To Guidance To Apply Student Loan In Gambia



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