How to International Driver License (IDL) In Iceland

International Driver License (IDL) In Iceland By Online

You can contact the Office Locations] and request an International Driver License.

Office Locations and Contacts

Office address and contact details : Contact Info


  • International driving licenses can be granted to anyone with a valid Icelandic license and is valid for 18 years old.


To obtain an international driver’s license, one is required to pay 1200 kr.Fees related information: More information


Valid for a period of one year beginning from when the license was issued. The license includes only the vehicles in question and the authority to regulate in accordance with their Icelandic licence of driving.


This link will give you more information on International Driver License acceptance in several nations : International Driver Permit Recognition

Need to have the Document

This guideline provides details on how to apply for an International Driver License (IDL) in Iceland.



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