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Motorcycle Licence In Norway By Online

  1. To be eligible for the application applicants must pass the required driver training courses.
  2. Fill out an application form. A link is given under the “Documents to Use’ which you are able to use to download the application form. The form you will see all the documents you need to submit with your application.
  3. You can take the theory and the practical tests. The test for theory can be taken at any of the NPRA Driving and Licensing offices.

Required Documents For Motorcycle Licence

  • Application form completed

Note that a link is available under the ‘Documents to Use’ section which you can download the application form. Within the forms, you’ll see all the documents required to be included with the application.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Directorate of Public Roads (Vegdirektoratet)

Directorate of Public Roads (head office):Statens Vegvesen Directorate of Vegdirektoratet
P.O. box 8142 , Dep
NO-0033 OSLO

Directorate of Public Roads (office address):
Brynsengfaret 6A
Telefax: + 47 22 07 37 68
Telephone: 02030
Conditions of traffic 175

Regional Offices

NPRA — Eastern Region

P. O. Box 1010
NO-2605 Lillehammer
Tel 02030 (from overseas 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 61 25 75 80

NPRA Southern Region Southern Region

PO Box 723
No-4808 Arendal
Tel 02030 (from outside the country (+47 915 02030 from abroad)
Telefax: +47 37 01 98 01

NPRA — Western Region

Askedalen 4
No-6863 Leikanger
Phone 02030 (from outside the country 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 57 65 59 86

NPRA Central Region Central Region

No. 6404 Molde
Phone 02030 (from overseas (+47 915 02030 from abroad)
Telefax: +47 71 27 41 01

NPRA Northern Region Northern Region

PO Box 1403
NO-8002 Bordeaux
Tel 02030 (from outside the country 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 75 55 29 51

NPRA Web site


  • Category A1 (light motorcycle): Applies to lighter motorcycles, with or without sidecars. The term “light motorcycle” refers to a motorbike with a cylinder size not over 125 cubic centimetres, an output of not more than 11 kW, and a weight/power ratio of not more than 0.1 kg/kW.
Age minimum – 16 years old
  • Category A2 (medium-sized motorcycle): Applies to medium-sized motorcycles (maximum power output of 35 kW, and the maximum weight/power ratio of 0.2 kg/kW and the motor cannot be tuned by less than 50% of its output of the original) either with or without an additional car.
To obtain a Category A2 driving license it is necessary to complete mandatory instruction and pass a riding test. The minimum age for eligibility is 18 years old.
If you want you to apply category A on your driving license it is necessary to first pass the required course or pass the riding test.
  • Category A (heavy motorcycle): Applies to motorcycles (with or without an accessory car) and has no restrictions on the power output of the motorcycle.
Direct access: The minimum age for direct access is 24.
Progressive access The minimum age for progressive access is 20. This requires that you obtained an A2 class A2 driving licence by around 18. completed a seven-hour training course and had two years of experience holding an A2 driving license.

The Basic requirements:

  • are residents of Norway since at the very least six months.
  • You must meet the minimum age requirement to be eligible for a driving license
  • You must meet the health requirements and you have a certificate of good conduct by the police when applying for a driver’s license.


Theory Test

  • Motorcycle light (A1) 580 NOK
  • Motorbike (A2) (A2) [Note 1 580 NOK
  • Motorcycle heavy (A) (A) [Note 1 580 NOK

Praxis Test

  • Motorcycle light (A1) 1030 NOK (320+710) [Note 2[Note 2]
  • Motorbike (A2) Note 1 1030 NOK (320+710) [Note 2[Note 2]
  • Motorcycle heavy (A) (A) [Note 1 1030 NOK (320+710) [Note 2Note 2

Driver’s licence: 270 NOK


  1. The applicants are not required pass the test on their own to be able to change from category A1 or A2 and A2 to A, or A1 to A1.
  2. The driving test that is practical (riding tests) in Category A can be split into a test of skills and an examination for traffic.


Driving licence categories A1 B, A1 B1, B1 M, S and T generally have lifetime validity, if until 100. In certain circumstances, the validity can be limited to a shorter duration (criminal history, poor health and no night driving). After 70, the validity of your license to drive is contingent on the possession of an approved medical certificate while driving.

A medical certificate can have an expiry time of up to five years dependent on the holders health.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form

The Document is required

This document provides you with details on how to apply for an Motorcycle Licence (Category A1, A2 or A).

Other uses for the document/certificate

Driving Licenses:

  • Category A1 Also, it grants driving privileges to:
    • mopeds and mopeds that include so-called moped vehicles
    • snowmobiles without or with an sledge for the trailer, when the driving license was issued prior to 1 July 2006
    • motor tricycles that have an energy output of no more than 15 kW
  • Category A2 Also, it grants driving privileges to:
    • mopeds
    • motorcycle trailers (with capacities of more than the 125 cubic centimetres) that are approved for towing
    • motor tricycles that have an energy output of not more than 15 kW
  • Category A Also, it grants driving privileges to:
    • mopeds
    • snowmobiles without trailer sledges, in the event that the driving license was issued prior to 1 July 2006
    • Trailers designed for motorbikes (with the capacity of cylinders that exceed the 125 cubic centimeters) authorized for towing
    • motor tricycles having an output of not over 15 KW. The minimum age requirement for this benefit is 21 years old if you have a category A driver’s licence. If you have an A1 or A2 driving licence The max power is set at 15kW on motor tricycles regardless of age.

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