How To Obtain a birth certificate In Azerbaijan

How To Obtain a birth certificate In Azerbaijan

  1. Documents required to be submitted at office of registration
  2. The processing will take place on the spot, and a birth certificate will be issued.
  3. Foreign and temporary residents must also contact their local consulate or embassy in Azerbaijan to get the required documents related to the birth of the child.

Documents Required Obtain a birth certificate

A) A medical institution that proves the truth and date of birth;

B) The certification of a doctor who helped the birth, once it occurs within the home

C) Documents identifying parents as well as certificates of marriage between them;

Office Locations and Contacts

Main Registry Office (ZAGS)At: 36A, Gara Garayev Avenue,
Nizami District, Baku
Tel: (012) 421 35 86

Ministry of Justice
Address: 72, Azadliq Avenue,
Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku Az1007
Tel: (99412) 404-42-81
Fax: (99412) 404-42-99

Registry Service of the Civil Status Acts. Registry Service of the Civil Status Acts
Tel: (99412) 404-42-44; 404-42-07
Working days: I-II–III-IV-V;
Hours of operation: 9:00 – 18:00
Lunch: 13:00-14:00
Weekend: VI-VII
Hot line
(99412) 404-42-87
(99412) 404-42-88

A list of the regional (city) Registration division

A list of Azerbaijani Consulates, Missions, and Embassies Consulates abroad

What Are All The Eligibility

Each child who is born Azerbaijan is entitled to birth certificates

A copy of the birth certificate is available by;

  • The person who is named in the certificate of birth.
  • A parent of the individual listed in the certificate of birth (requesting parent’s name must appear on the birth certificate).
  • On the order of a court


There is no charge for this service.


Birth certificates last forever.

Examples of Documents

Requirements for Birth Certificate Certificate

Processing Time

Processing takes place on the in situ


  • It is recommended to call the appropriate ZAGS office prior to going to verify opening hours
  • A minimum of one parent has to attend at least one office personally (with an interpreter if Azerbaijani language is used). After the birth is recorded and parents are notified, they receive the birth certificate of their child.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the child’s name
  • Birth date
  • Names of parents
  • The city and province where the baby was born
  • The date, the name and seal of the person who is certifying Registrar Secretary or Acting Registrar, and the seal of the office.

The Document is required birth certificate 

Birth certificates are an official record of birth in Azerbaijan. It is a document issued by the government that is used to prove identity.

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan is responsible for the birth registration process. within one month of birth the birth certificate must be obtained at every branch office of the Civil Registry Office (ZAGS).

There are at present 86 state registry offices that are part of the Ministry of Justice in Azerbaijan. They are responsible for the registration of deaths, births divorces, births, and other modifications to the names of the first or last names of citizens.

Information that could be helpful

For a personal application In person, you must visit the office of civil registry (ZAGS) and bring a payment and authentic proof of identity documents and complete the birth certificate application form.

Residents who are citizens of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Azerbaijan abroad and foreign citizens are entitled to approach an archive head department within the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan through the diplomatic representative (consular section) in Azerbaijan’s consular sections in the Republic of Azerbaijan abroad, and to request specific documents. The following procedure is applicable:

The applicant makes an application for consular assistance to Azerbaijan. Republic of Azerbaijan and completes two forms of application for each document that is requested. They also pay the consular fee that is appropriate.

The request is then forwarded by the consular department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan into the department of archives head of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Once a search is completed this department will send the document requested to the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan to be forwarded for transmission to the consular department which is where the request was made.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • Date of birth and the age of birth:
  • Registration for school
  • The age of majority/minority is a factor to prove in the court
  • Eligibility for social security, pensions, or health insurance
  • The process of obtaining the social security number
  • Applying for the passport
  • Entry into employment is only restricted to citizens.
  • Licenses for citizens only.
  • Proving legal dependency
  • Receiving inheritance benefits
  • In receipt of insurance benefits

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How To Obtain a birth certificate In Azerbaijan
How To Obtain a birth certificate In Azerbaijan


The local (city) divisions responsible for the registration of civil-status acts in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan is responsible for the registration of deaths changes to civil records, compiles corrections, liquidates and completes the records, restores missing records, archives are kept and issue duplicate certificates. In the present it is 86 regions (city) divisions that are responsible for recording civil status laws within the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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