How to Obtain a Birth Certificate In Uruguay

Obtain a Birth Certificate In Uruguay By Online

Request a certification from Montevideo

To submit documents related with the the current calendar year, the request can be made to the office in Uruguay 933 sitas.

Contact Number Contact Number: 2900-5085

Business Hours: Monday through Friday, from 10:15 until 15:30 hours.

Request a certification from Municipalities

The documents can be obtained from the municipal offices that are concerned, provided it’s not within the current calendar year.

To register documents for that year’s year it is necessary to apply to the Civil Status Office where the registration was made.

Register online

Office Locations and Contacts

Center for Public Information and Guidance

Hours of operation : Monday to Friday, 9-7 at night

Contact number : +598 2915 0103/2915 0203/2915 0104

Email :

Address: Reconquista 535, CP11100, Montevideo, Uruguay.

MEC Website


Common Request Common Request

Demand for Urgent Assistance: 208

Double Book Double Book: $ U 162

Processing Time

The certificate will be delivered within 48 hours of receipt to the department concerned. In the case of urgent requests the certificate is issued on the same day.

Requirements Information

  • The full Name of child
  • Names and surnames of parents
  • Birth date and location or registration
  • No. or Registered Act
  • The number of the office or section at the time of registration

The Document is required

Birth certificates are an important document that records an infant’s birth baby. The phrase “birth certificate” could refer to the original document that confirms the birth’s circumstances or an official copy an official representation or subsequent birth registration.

Here are the steps on how to get an official birth certificate.

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