How To Obtain a Driver License In Akrotiri

How To Obtain a Driver License In Akrotiri

  • Check out the permit carefully. It’s not a long document, and is packed with information, in that it can help you pass and also ensure you’re an even safer driver.
  • Get your permit. The law generally requires drivers who are new to the profession to get a permit for learning before they can take the driving wheel.
  • Learn to drive. If you’re looking to become licensed to drive and a safe one the best way to do it is to take the wheel with a certified driver, as required by your state. Then, you can drive.
  • You must pass the driving test. This is the make the cut or you’ll miss it! If you’ve come this far, it’s likely that you’ll fail it. You’ve read through the textbooks and practiced for hours and generally are well-prepared So don’t be anxious. Be assured, stay safe and be sure to treat Officer Friendly with respect.
  • If you pass surrender your Learners Permit. You will receive an authentic Driver’s License.

Documents that are required Obtain a Driver License

  • Take documents to prove their identity, social Security Number and citizenship, or legal presence status, as well as Akrotiri residency.
  • Fill out the application. (This application is also available at any driver’s licence office.)

Office Locations and Contacts

The SBA Administration (SBAA) Contact Form for Headquarters

What Are All The Eligibility

Car drivers have to be 17.5 years old and must be 18 years old in order to pass the driving test. Motorbikes can be driven as young as 17 while motorcycles are operated from 21.

In order to apply for the driver’s license, you need to not be in possession of any discrepancies, including cancellations, suspensions, revocations or any other legal issues that prevent you from having an active driver’s license.

Examples of Documents

Motor Vehicles (Professional Driving Licenses) Ordinance 2012


The person who is not a member of:

  • to alter or forge a document;
  • allow or use to use any prescribed document that is forged or altered or
  • provide to or receive from any individual a prescription document, knowing that it has been altered or forgery.

The Information You Need

  • Please provide proof of your name and date of birth and Social Security number.
  • You must pass the written and visual test successfully.
  • Pay any applicable fees.

The Document is required Obtain a Driver License

A person is not allowed to drive any motor vehicle on the road unless the person has a valid professional driving license that permits the driver to operate that kind of vehicle.

Professional drivers must comply with the conditions set forth on the official professional driving license that that driver holds.

Information that can be useful

  • If you’re taking the driving test to get your license, don’t worry about it. Don’t be afraid!
  • Be alert to the road.
  • You can enroll in classes at an accredited driving school for commercial use. This generally offers you a reduction on insurance, and you are more likely that you will pass your test.
  • The car you test in during your test and the vehicle that you typically drive could be different in certain ways. Note how they differ and keep a record of them each time you test driving in your own vehicle.

Other uses for the document/certificate

A professional driver must, when driving an automobile:

  • be able to carry a recognized professional driving license, and show it at any point when asked to do so by a police officer an authorized officer.
  • Display their identity card prominently on the console of the driver.

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How To Obtain a Driver License In Akrotiri
How To Obtain a Driver License In Akrotiri


Expressions related to a specific motor vehicle type include the following definitions:

  • A type A1 motor vehicle refers to a bus that is for public use for the which an E license was granted to carry passengers on any routes, either regular or irregular;
  • A motor vehicle of type A2 is a bus that is for public use for which any of the following licences have been granted:
    • an E license to allow the transportation of regular passengers
    • A license to transport of passengers in exchange for a reward or
    • an authorization to be used as a private bus
  • A motor vehicle of type L refers to a lorry having a loaded mass in excess of 7.5 tonnes or greater and
  • A type T motor vehicle is taxi.

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