How to Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Belize

Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Belize By Online

Importing your pet’s:

  1. Get your pet examined by a vet: It is necessary to examine your pet by a licensed veterinarian. A few of the documents you’ll need to provide upon arrival of your pet at Belize will be provided by your veterinarian. Your vet is also capable of providing you with information about how to bring your pet with you abroad.
  2. If you’re not in Belize If you are not in Belize: You can utilize the link under “Office Contacts & Locations” to connect to the closest Embassy or Honorary Consulate or Embassy of Belize located in the place in which you are currently living in. The office might be able to assist you complete your request for an animal passport or permits to import your dog.
  3. Before you plan to transport your pet Check to see if you have all of the required documents, and get contact with the official that is responsible for the import and export of live animals within the country from which your pet will be arriving from and within Belize. If you’re thinking of traveling together with your dog, consider contacting the airline’s company. They could be able provide more details about pet passports.
  4. Import permit issued by Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA):
    1. Make your application available in the nearest BAHA office. When the import permit as well as conditions for importation are transmitted by fax to the port for entry, on behalf applicants, then the form must be signed “pay at the time of entry”. Note that a link is available under the “Documents to Use” section that you can click to download the form.
    2. You must provide a valid international veterinary certification (14 days) as well as the rabies certification is valid: no less than 1 month, or over one year before the date of the importation. You might be required to provide additional documents, therefore it is advisable to contact BAHA first via phone to ensure that you have all the necessary documents.
    3. Pets and dogs younger than three months old must be kept in a home environment until 3 months old after which the animal should be vaccinated against the rabies virus and kept for another thirty(30) days.
    4. A BAHA vet or an officer designated by BAHA may examine animals that are in confinement. The cost of this inspection is the responsibility of the importer.
    5. A quarantine inspection at the entry point is mandatory for all pets and animals. Pets and dogs from countries that are considered to be at risk (for instance, there’s the possibility of having screwworm among cats and dogs that originate to South America) will need to undergo a veterinary examination at the entry point. There is an additional cost to conduct a veterinary inspection.
    6. There is no assurance that an import license is issued after the submission of your application. Before a permit is issued, you may be required to obtain approval from other Ministries, approve establishment/quarantine stations and/or conduct risk analysis including inspection at origin. It can take 7 (7) seven (7) days to allow your application to be considered.


Required  Documents For Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) 

  • Valid international veterinary certification (14 da ys)
  • Valid rabies certificate: no less than one month nor over one full year preceding the date of entry.

Office Locations and Contacts

Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA)
PO Box 169,
The Corner on Forest Drive,
Hummingbird Highway,
Belmopan City, Belize C.A.
Tel: (501) 822-1378/0818

Embassy of Belize Washington D.C.
2535 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008-2826
Telephone: (202) 332-9636
Fax: (202) 332-6888

Consulate for Belize Consulate of Belize Alberta, Canada
305 10 Ave. SE Calgary, AB, T2G 0W2
Telephone: (403) 215-6072

Belize Consulates and Embassies Abroad

How to Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Belize
How to Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Belize

Documents to Utilize

Application to import Animals (BAHA)

Processing Time

Import Permit The process will require approximately 7 (7) days to get your application considered.

External Links

Belize Agricultural Health Authority
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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