How to Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Malysia

Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) In Malysia By Online

  • Examine your pet by a vet: You must examine your pet by a licensed veterinarian. The documents you’ll have to show to your pet when they arrive to Malaysia will be provided by your veterinarian. Your vet is also capable of providing you with information on how to take your pet to Malaysia.
  • Department Of Veterinary Services Certain breeds of dogs are not able to import into Malaysia as there are restrictions on the importation of different breeds. It is possible to check on the Department of Veterinary Services’ web site for the list of Banned and Restricted Breeds of Dogs[ and the conditions to approve the export for Restricted Breeds that are dogs.
  • Obtain a Pet Passport
    Obtain a Pet Passport
  • The import permit The pet owner must get an import permit for your pet through the DVS. Pets who are not granted import permits might not be permitted entry by quarantine personnel at the point of entry. If you want to import an exotic animal or animal as a pet, you might require an approval from Department of Wildlife Conservation and National Parks prior to submitting an application for the import permit issued by DVS.Imports will be subject to the import rules of DVS. Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS). For species of animals and products that are not included, you can send an email to DVS to inquire about specific rules (see the contact information below).
    To allow imports to Peninsular Malaysia import permits shall be obtained from the Director of State department of Veterinary departments or from the Director General of the Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia.
    In order to import goods into the States of Sabah and Sarawak inquiries and applications are to be sent to the states that are concerned.
  • If you’re outside Malaysia: Applicants outside Malaysia can submit applications via post or the local representative (friend or relative who is located in Malaysia). It is also possible to follow the link beneath “Office Locations & Contacts” to contact the closest Malaysian Embassy in the country that you currently reside. The office could assist you to with your application to get pet passports or an permits to import your pet.
  • Arrival of the pet to Malaysia: The pet upon arrival in Malaysia is required to be accompanied by an Veterinary Health Certificate issued by the Veterinary Health Authority of the exporting nation in accordance with the import regulations.
  • Animal Quarantine Official Pets are only transported as manifested cargo and must be reported at the request of an Animal Quarantine officer on the entry point to allow entry approval.
    It’s not a requirement, but it is beneficial to notify an animal Quarantine officer at the entry point with the estimated arrival time as well as flight information to speed up entry clearance.
    The pet will not be permitted entry or be subject to any other action determined to be appropriate by the animal Quarantine Officer.
    Pets must be landed and be cleared at the entry point as specified in the import permit. Transfer of pets to other entry points is not permitted without clearance by an Animal Quarantine official at the designated entry point.
    In addition to the Customs fees, entry for pets is subjected to veterinary inspection fees.
    Original duplicates of an import permit health certificate of the authority for veterinary medicine of the country that is exporting along with CITES approval (where required) should be provided at the Animal Quarantine Officer for clearance. All documents must be either in Bahasa Malaysia or English.
    Veterinary Health Certificates must be issued within 7 days of the date of export unless otherwise specified in the regulations for import.
    The pet can travel on its own. An agent local to the area (friend or relative in Malaysia) could have been appointed by the pet’s owner to manage the clearance process at the entry point and take care of issues with quarantine.

Required Documents For Obtain a Pet Passport

If you are applying for an import permit you need to file an application with a copy of your current vaccination certificates and an the fee for an import permit of 5 Ringgit (RM 5.00) for each cat or dog.

The pet that arrives in Malaysia must be accompanied by an Veterinary Health Certificate issued by the Veterinary Health Authority of the exporting nation in accordance with the regulations for import.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department Of Veterinary Services
Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry
Wisma Tani Block Podium, Lot 4G1, Precint 4
Federal Government Administration Centre
62630 Putrajaya

E-mail: pro[dot]dvs[dot]gov[dot]my
Tel: (603) 8870 2000
Fax: (603) 8888 6021

Malaysian Embassies


Some breeds of dog are not able to import into Malaysia as there are restrictions on the importation of other varieties of breeds. Check on the Department Of Veterinary Services site for the list of Banned Breeds or Restricted Breeds of Dogs] and the Conditions to approve the importation of restricted breeds of dogs.

Exotic pets with a wildlife connection could be subject to wildlife conservation regulations under CITES. Refer to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks for further information.

The cat and dog must be at minimum 3 months old at the date of import.

The amount of dogs which can be imported by an individual is not limited. However, officials in Malaysia may have regulations in relation to the amount of dogs which can be kept inside residential properties.


Import permit cost five Ringgit (RM 5.00) for each pet or cat.

The fee is payable in cash, or via money order, bank draft or postal order, in the name of Director General Veterinary Services Malaysia or the Director of the concerned State.


The permit to import lasts 30 days starting from date the issue.

Documents to Utilize

Use the provided link for downloading an application form for an import permit . Click here.

The Document is required

This guideline provides details on how to take your pet dog or cats Malaysia and how to apply for the Pet Passport (Import Transfer or Export Pet).

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