How to Obtain an Emergency Passport In Norway

Obtain an Emergency Passport In Norway By Online

How to obtain the emergency travel document

  1. Take all the necessary documents you’ll require to submit to get an emergency visa, proof of your travels along with the request form.
  2. The emergency passport is issued by the local police.
  3. Completely submit all the required documents at the passport office, make sure to include the passport photo. Biometric kiosks that are available at police stations cannot be used to capture photographs for an emergency passport.
  4. Pay the passport cost. Emergency passports cost the same as a regular passport.

Using your emergency passport

  • Be sure to verify whether the country you’re planning to visit accepts emergency passports.
  • Emergency passports are not used to gain entry into United States. United States and may only be valid for one trip.
  • Emergency passports must be presented to the border control or police upon your return to Norway

Required Documents For Obtain an Emergency Passport

Passport Photograph

  • The image must be properly exposed and of high quality.
  • The photo may be color or black and white.
  • The photo cannot be more than six months old.
  • Size of photo – 35 45 inches
  • The photo should come from the side (focus on the eyes) and with white background
  • The photograph should show the complete shoulder and head There should be no shadows
  • The face should be covering 70-80 percent of the frame. For such as the distance between the head to the chin must be at minimum 30 millimeters
  • Eyes should be open and clear, eyes must not be covered with hair.
  • Both chins, foreheads along with both cheeks evident
  • The mouth should be shut
  • Glasses should be removed prior to taking the picture
  • The child must also take off their headgear before taking the picture. (Caps, hats, hair bands, scarves etc.)


  • If the child is required to wear the headgear due to religious reasons or other reasons that are justifiable for example, an illness or illness, the passport office could permit the wearer to do so in the event that they will wear the same headgear for controls later on. Be sure that the child’s headgear doesn’t cover any portion on the head or the entire head than it is required.
  • A simple, non-obtrusive hair band pulled well away to the skin. They won’t be visible in the photograph.
  • Hairpins can be used as long as they don’t be used to cover the face.

Identification valid

Office Locations and Contacts

Search for your neighborhood police department

Norwegian Police Website


Norwegian Citizens

  • You can apply for the emergency travel document in the event your passport was missing in your mail and you don’t have enough time to request the new passport.
  • If you have lost your passport in another country You can apply for temporary passports at the closest Norwegian foreign service station in the country in which you are currently in.


Passport Fee

  • If you are over 16 years old For those over the age of 16: kr 350
  • for those who are who aren’t yet 16 For those who are not yet 16: kr 270

You can pay the passport fee with cash or with debit cards (credit card transactions are not accepted)


Emergency passports cannot be used to gain entry into US United States and may only be valid for a single trip.

The Document is required

These emergency passports can be issued by police in the event that an individual is not able to get an ordinary passport before the date on which he/she needs to travel overseas.

The following are steps to follow to get an emergency passport for Norway.

External Links

  • Norwegian Police Website:



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