How to Obtain Dog Licence In Ireland

Obtain Dog Licence In Ireland By Online

  • You can apply for a separate dog license in your Post office in your area. There is a link below, which you can use to locate the closest post office to your local area. The cost for a dog’s individual license is 20.

If you want to apply for an ordinary dog licence or a “lifetime of dog” licence, you’ll have to contact the local authority. A general dog license costs 400 dollars while a “Lifetime of Dog’ license costs 140.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Irish Society to Prevent Cruelty towards Animals

National Animal CentreDerryglogher Lodge
Co. Longford

Tel:+353 (0)43 332 5035
Fax:+353 (0)43 332 5024

Locate the closest postoffice to your region – Link

County Councils – Link


  • For a Dog license You must be more than 16 years old.
  • All dogs that are over 4 months old require a license. Puppy puppies under 4 months old who are still with their mother are not required to have licences. However, when they leave their mothers, they will require an official license.
  • Licenses are not required for blind people’s guide dogs; dogs that are the custody of local authorities, or the ISPCA and the Garda or any dog brought to the State with a stay of less than 30 calendar days.


  • Individual dog licence: 20
  • General dog licence: 400
  • “Lifetime of Dog” licence 140


    • Individual dog license 1 year.
    • General dog license 1 year.

“Lifetime of Dog” license Validity for life


  • You can apply for regular annual license for your individual pets at the post office. General dog licenses to multiple pets are provided by authorities in the area.
  • The Dog Breeding Establishments Act 2010 introduced a “lifetime of dog’ license, that is given from local government authorities.

Documentation is needed

This document provides you with details on how to make an application for a pet license.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • It’s a crime not to have a dog in your home unless you are licensed.
  • Your dog has to be in the company of and under your direct control or under the supervision of a responsible individual if it is not within your premises or at your home, or on the property or residence of the person who is in charge of the premises. A dog warden may request proof of your dog’s license and failing to produce it could result in a fine on the spot. Failure to pay the penalty within the timeframe specified may result in the prosecution of an authority in the area.
  • No dog licence:
    • Fine: On-the-spot fineof 100 to be paid to the local authority.
    • Penalty: Failure of paying on the spot fines could result in being prosecuted in District Court with a maximum fine of 2,500 or three months’ jail time

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