How To Obtain Electronic Residence Permit In Germany

How To Obtain Electronic Residence Permit In Germany

  • It is necessary to submit your application for the residency permit by hand to the foreigners’ authority in your area within four to six weeks prior to when your permit expires.
  • Have your biometric information collected (photo, fingerprints etc.)
  • It is the Bundesdruckerei will then issue the electronic residence permit.

Documents that are required Electronic Residence Permit

Contact the local foreigners’ authority in your area regarding the documents you’ll need to provide.

Office Locations and Contacts

Federal Ministry of InteriorPublic inquiry service Contact number: +49 228 99 681 0 or +4930 18 681 0
From Monday to Friday, from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

It is the Bundesdruckerei
Tel. : +49 (0) 30 25 98 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 30 25 98 – 22 05

Examples of Documents

Electronic Residence Permit Sample


Electronic residence permits are created through Bundesdruckerei in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Interior.

The Document is required Electronic Residence Permit

  • Electronic residence permit for citizens of countries outside the EU (third-country citizens) replaces the stickers for residence permits on travel documents and passports.
  • Electronic residences are that of a credit card that is equipped with an electronic chip that holds the cardholder’s personal information and biometric information (digital photo along with two fingerprints) as well as any residence or work limitations. The biometric data can be read only by authorized officials such as foreigners’ authorities, or the police. This feature protect it from being forged or used to carry out fraudulent activities and aiding the government to fight illegal immigration and illegal residence within the country.

The following are steps to follow to apply for an electronic resident permit.

Information that could be helpful

Electronic residence permits are identical to the German national ID. Both use the similar format and are made from the same components. However, different or additional details are stored on the chip itself, e.g. whether the permit is valid or the kind of permit for work. It includes two fingerprints (mandatory) for those older than six years in addition to the additional features.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The card can also can be used online:

  • It could be used for identifying the permit owner on the internet.
  • Find out if someone is old

External Links

  • Federal Ministry of Interior:
  • Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printer):




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