How to Obtain Permanent Residence Permit In Iceland

Obtain Permanent Residence Permit In Iceland By Online

  • The application for a permanent residence permit must be filed within one month prior to the date the date that the current permit expires.
  • Take all the necessary documents that you’ll need when you apply for the procedure.
  • Fill out, download and complete and sign the application form..
  • A person applying for the permit will have to be taken during applying for a permanent residence permit . They will need to show their passport.
  • After the process is complete After processing is completed, the applicant will be informed via an email notification.

Permanent residence permit for kids who are under 18 years old:

  • The only other requirement apart from an application form (signed by the parent/legal guardian) is a duplicate of the child’s passport. Children who have been granted an permanent residence permit can be employed with no work permit up to the threshold of age 18. When they reach the age of 18 an individual should apply for permanent work permits when he/she plans to be employed in Iceland.

Required Documents For Obtain Permanent Residence Permit

  • Fill out application form for a permanent residency permit that was completed by the applicant.
  • A photocopy of the passport or travel document The passport should remain valid.
  • The certified copies of the applicant’s tax returns from the past four years: Taxpayers who send their tax reports electronically to the Internal Revenue Directorate (RSK) may send an official copy of the tax return in PDF file to Directorate via email to
  • Certificate from applicant Icelandic language class The applicant should present original documentation proving that he/she successfully completed the 150-hour course of Icelandic language study or has passed an exam to prove his/her ability to speak the Icelandic language in an accredited institute.
  • An official agreement to work (if you are applying for an unlimited working permit).
  • Paychecks from the last three monthsor evidence of the support.
  • Social Services Certificate. The applicant has to present an appropriate certificate from municipal service, which states whether or not they have been a recipient of any social assistance in the last four years.

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate of ImmigrationAddress: Skgarhl 6, 105 Reykjavik
E-mail :
Phone: +354 510 5400
Fax: +354 510 5405
The office hours are Monday through Friday 10:00 am – 22:00 pm


The following conditions must be met by the applicant

  • The applicant has completed an Icelandic course. Icelandic in order to meet the requirements of foreigners.
  • There aren’t any circumstances that could cause an applicant to be exiled.
  • Secure financial circumstances.
  • The applicant had the same type of permits to reside for the 4 years prior to submitting the application. This means that the requirements for issuing the residence permit are in effect.
  • The applicant doesn’t have any outstanding cases within the system of criminal justice for which they are suspects or was indicted for a criminal act.


Application fee for permit for those who is over 18 years old:

  • The first date of issue 12,000 ISKR
  • The permit renewal The permit is renewed for 6,600 ISKR
  • Permanent Residence permit 12,000 ISKR

Permit application fee, applicable to anyone who is under the age of 18 years:

  • The first issue of the permit First issue of the permit: 6,000 ISKR
  • Renewing the license Renewal of the permit: 3000 ISKR
  • Permanent Residence permit Permanent Residence permit: 6,600 ISKR


  • If the applicant chooses to withdraw their application, or when the application is refused the fee for application paid by the applicant will not be returned.
  • Be aware that banks may charge a processing charge for international transfers. If this fee isn’t paid in a separate transaction and the bank does not pay it, it will deduct the fee from the amount you transferred. The result is that there are not enough funds getting transferred towards Icelandic Directorate of Immigration. Icelandic Directorate of Immigration. This means that the process of processing your application may be delayed until all fee for processing has been paid.
  • The bank fees aren’t yet included in the above amounts.

Processing fee

You can transfer your money into the Directorate of Immigration account. Directorate of Immigration account

Icelandic social security number/ ID = 670269-6399
Information about the bank – IBAN: IS59 0516 0541 6702 1973 9963 6963
Bank: slandsbanki, Kirkjusandi, 105 Reykjavk.

When you make a deposit it is required to give your name and birthday as well as the same information that you have printed on your passport.

Don’t forget to print the receipt of payment and include it in your application.


Permanent residence permits cease be valid once the holder is in a different country for a continuous time greater than 18 months.


Processing Time

  • It could take up to 90 weeks (on an average) after the date that the required supporting documents have been received by Directorate to review your application. If documents supporting your application are missing or insufficient, the processing times could be longer.
  • Once the processing of the application is complete The applicant will be notified via an email notification.

The Document is required

The following steps will show you how you are able to apply for permanent residency permits in Iceland.

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