How to Obtain Private Guard Licence In Malta

Obtain Private Guard Licence In Malta By Online

  1. In order to obtain a private security license, you must make contact with the police station in your area who will be able assist you.
  2. Before calling the Police Licences Office, to make a request for a private security the applicant must provide a proof that they has completed a Private Guard training in one of the licensed academy.
  3. Once the certificate is issued the applicant must visit the Police Licences Office at the Police General Headquarters in Floriana with the certificate and the identification card.
  4. A form for application is provided to the applicant. The applicant they will be asked to call to the Civil Court office to have an affidavit signed.
  5. Complete the application form with all the necessary documents.

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How to Obtain Private Guard Licence In Malta
How to Obtain Private Guard Licence In Malta

Note : It should be noted that in the event that the applicant was an employee in the Police Force, Armed Forces of Malta or worked within Corradino Correctional Facility, or the Armed Forces of Malta Corradino Correctional Facility, s/he must also produce an official declaration from the Human Resources Office. When the person applying for the position is parastatal or government body employee, he/she must provide a written statement by Human Resources Office. Human Resources Office.

Required Documents For Obtain Private Guard Licence

  • 2. Passport Size Photo
  • Certificate of Private Guard Training (and an imagecopy)
  • Conviction Sheet (Conduct certificate)
  • Identity Card

Office Locations and Contacts

Police HeadquartersSt. Calcedonius Square
Floriana FRN 1530
Phone : 2122 4001
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This guideline provides information on how to get the private guard’s license in Malta.

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