How to Obtain Radiation Premises License In Uganda

Obtain Radiation Premises License In Uganda By Yourself

  1. To apply for an authorization to operate a radioactive premises in person, the applicant must go to the office of the Uganda Radiation Protection Authority.
  2. For contact information, go to “Uganda Authority for protection of radiation” at the link below. Atomic Energy Council
  3. Visit the office and get an application for a permit to use a facility for radiation from the relevant department.
  4. Inquire with the officials in the office regarding the documents to be submitted to the completed application form. Complete the application form in the manner necessary with pertinent details and information.
  5. When you have completed the application form in relation to the requirements to apply, attach the necessary documents together with the form that you have completed.
  6. Submit it the form to Uganda Radiation protection authorities of the Ministry of energy and mineral development.
  7. Be sure to pay the fee according to the requirements. Then the application form along with any supporting documents will be sent to different verification processes and verification.
  8. After all the steps have been completed and all the documents checked for accuracy Your application will be accepted and a radiation licenses will be issued upon prior announcement.

Required Documents For Obtain Radiation Premises License

  • Application form
  • Radiation Safety assessment and control tests of the device that is irradiated or radioactive material
  • Include an architectural sketch of the premises.

Office Locations and Contacts

Atomic Energy CouncilPlot 40, Bukoto Street,
P.O. 7044 KampalaP.O. Box 7044, Kampala Uganda.
Phone: +256-414-696-333/5 (toll free)
Site: Atomic Energy Council

  • Scroll to towards the very bottom of page. The contact information is available.


  • Anyone who wants to set the foundation of a new radiation facility.


  • Application Fee The amount is Ugshs 10,000(or equivalent)
  • License Fee: 1,000,000 Ugshs/=


  • Only valid for one year.

Processing Time

  • The processing time is 1 month.


  • Contact Office: Uganda National Radiation Protection Authority
  • Resolution Criteria for Recommendations for an inspection report from radiation protection officers
  • When it receives an request for a license authorities will, upon receipt of the application for a license Authority will, upon payment of the fee, issue applicants the required license.
  • A person may contest a refusal to grant an authorization within one month of receiving a notice in this regard.

The Information You Need

  1. Name of the owner
  2. Tel. No
  3. Address
  4. Name of the Unit/Dept as well as the location of the facility
  5. Name, contact details and Contacts and License Contacts and Name. Person accountable for radiation safety
  6. The type of facility
  7. Facility classification
  8. The type of installation
  9. Attach a sketch of the building’s architectural design.
  10. Owner’s declaration

The Document is required

  • To safeguard the public as well as radiation workers and the environment from risks arising from the use of Ionizing radiation The National Radiation Protection Authority requires anyone who wants to build the first radiation facility in the country be granted a building license.

Information that can be useful

The license that is issued could:

  • Can be amended at any time by notice in writing to the holder from the Authority If, it believes that the amendment is required to ensure public safety.
  • The license may be suspended or cancelled by the Authority in the event that the holder fails to abide with the terms and conditions set forth in the license or as laid out by the Radiation Protection Act or any regulations enacted thereunder, and if the license is suspended or revoked, the holder must comply with the measures that could be suggested by the Authority to ensure that there are no radiation dangers are created.

External Links


  • The Radiation Protection Authority is a statutorily-created body under the Act of parliament, the Radiation Protection Act, and the Atomic energy Act 2008, Laws of Uganda as the National competent authority that has the responsibility of safeguarding the health and safety of the population and the environment from harmful effects of radiation. The authority regulates use of radiation sources and the export, importation distribution, and possession of sources of radiation.



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