How to Obtain Residence Certificate (Carte Sejour) In Morocco

Obtain Residence Certificate (Carte Sejour) In Morocco By Online

  • Request a residence certificate at the Cadat or administrative annex at the place where the person or applicant lives.
  • Complete all required documentation.

Required Documents For Obtain Residence Certificate

  • Form is available to all citizens who have the cadats of their respective administrative annexes
  • The most recent electricity, water or phone bill in that of the person who applied for it.
  • Certificate of ownership issued by the owner
  • The lease must be emailed must be given to the lessee.
  • A declaration from the owner attesting the applicant lives at the specified address, must be accompanied by documents supporting the claim.
  • If the applicant is unable to show any of the documents listed above, the applicant may be able to present two witnesses to prove his/her claim.
  • The attendance certificate is required for those who belong to the military body
  • A document that identifies the job or job of the applicant

Office Locations and Contact

Ministry of the InteriorAvenue Mohammed V,
Quartier Administratif
Phone 537-761-861
Fax: 537-762-056


  • Moroccans as well as foreigners who live in Morocco.
  • Any person who is interested, or his representative could apply for a residence certificate.

Processing Time

You should receive your residence certificate on the same day that you have submitted your application.

Documentation is needed

Certificates of residency are issued to foreigners as well as Moroccans who reside in Morocco. The certificate states that the person who holds it lives in the area indicated in the certificate. This document is typically required for applications to specific administrative procedures, for example, getting or renewing the CIN.

The following are steps to follow to get a residency certificate.

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