How to Obtain Signpost License In Israel

Obtain Signpost License In Israel By Online

  • Start by gathering information about the following: Receiving preliminary information from municipal officials will prevent delays in the process of obtaining your license as well as excessive financial expenditures. The process for obtaining initial information goes as the following:
    • Reach out to for assistance with Jerusalem Municipality Signposting Department (by email or visiting office of Signposting Department) in order to obtain information on how to adapt the business to the legal requirements concerning signage.
    • Make the following documents: a photo of the exterior of the building within which the business operates as well as a picture of the building’s exterior and pictures of the planned signpost and the surrounding area.
  • Formulation for applying: Complete the Signposting License Application Form. A link is available under “Documents to Use” section that you can click to download the application form. You can also obtain one at the time you visit Signposting Department.
  • Submit the application: Submit the completed form along with the other necessary documents.
  • The fee: To application fee must be paid once your application is accepted through the Signposting Department.
  • License issuing: The sign may be put up following the time that the license has been issued, and the license fee was paid.

Required Documents For Obtain Signpost License

  • The signed signposting license application must be completed.
  • Photo from the outside of the structure where the company is situated
  • Photo of the exterior of the business
  • Image depicting the signpost intended as well as its surrounding
  • If the company is a corporation or a company A certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies, current at the time of filing the application must be submitted.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Signposting ManagerAddress 13 Safra Square
Tel: 02-6296855
Fax: 02-6296146

Signpost Licensing Coordinator
Tel: 02-6297206
Fax: 02-6296146

Environmental Planner
Tel: 02-6296463
Fax: 02-6296146

Open Reception Time: Sun. Mon. Wed. Thurs. : 8:30-11:30 | Tue. : 14:00-17:00. There is no reception for guests on Fridays and the eves of holidays

Email addresses


The business owner must to get a signpost permit in the following situations:

  • The opening of a brand new business
  • Signage addition on an established business
  • Change the character of the sign, size or location, type,


Signposting License Application Cost:

  • Up to two square metres: 242.30 NIS
  • Sign between 2 and 3 square meters: 362.70 NIS
  • Every additional square meter over 3 sq m: 173.30 NIS
  • Advertising posters per square meter, per month: 66.62 NIS
  • Additional sign, awning or display space : fee 2
  • Affricious signpost or pole banner Fee 4

The fee for signposting is in effect for June 2010 and could be changed from time to time.

The fee for licensing may be paid by one of the methods listed below:

  • With a payment voucher in the post office or at the office at the Signposting Department using a credit card.
  • Phone payment using credit card at the collection center for payments at 02-6296333 or 02-6296000, Monday through Thursday between 8:30 and 15:00 and 24 hours all day, by calling 1-800-522-555.

Through the Jerusalem Municipality’s web site via the Jerusalem Municipality’s website Link

Documents to Utilize

Signposting License Application Form

The document is needed

A business owner who wants to put up a sign at the business that he/she owns or controls must get a signpost permit, according to the Jerusalem’s bylaw (Signage) (5740-1980). This document provides details on how to apply for the license.

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