How to Online Apply Identity Card for Disabled (Differently Abled) In India

Step 1:

The first step is to ensure that all necessary documents are available to fill out an online application. If you’d like be aware of the documents required for this application, please go to the following website : Required Documents for Application for ID Card For Differently Abled

Step 2:

Use the link below to fill out an online application : Apply Online.

Step 3:

On this page, you can select “Apply to get a Disability Certificate and ID Card” option on the right-hand edge of your screen. it’s marked by Yellow in the image below.

Step 4:Now you’ll be taken to the form page where you need to complete all the required information. Then, you must enter all your information into the “Personal Details” section and click the “NEXT” tab. It will be highlighted Red in the below picture.

India DC 2.gif step 5:After successful completion of the personal information section, you will be transferred into”Disability Information “Disability Details” section. Fill in all the required information and then click the “NEXT” tab that will be highlighted Red.

Step 6:Next you’ll be directed to the “Employment Details” section where you must enter all mandatory details, and then click “NEXT” tab. It appears highlighted in Red in the image below.

India DC 4.gif The Step 7:After the the employment details section You will be directed through”Identity Details “Identity Details” section. There you must select the identity proof and then click the checkboxes after reading these terms and conditions. Click the “PROCEED” tab, which will be indicated by Red in the image below.

Step 8:Now the application form that you have completed will be displayed for you to view. Review all the details again , and if there’s no change, click “CONFIRM the application” tab, which will be highlighted with RED. If there’s a change then click the “EDIT the APPLICATION” tab that will be highlighted Green in the image below.

Step 9:After the preview process , you will be presented with a display where you can view a series of list of. Review all of the details carefully and select the checkbox according to the requirements. When all the information listed are correct, click the “Yes” tab, which will be highlighted RED on the following screen.

Step 10:After the successful submission of your application your enrollment number will be displayed on the display. It is possible to use that number to keep track of what is happening with your application. Additionally, you can get the form and the receipt by choosing the appropriate option.

Step 11:In the event of multiple disabilities The application will be referred on to the District Medical Board for examination.

Step 12:After verifying the process is completed, the applicant will be notified of the issuance of the identity card. The applicant is able to download the identity card through the SWAVLambancard portal.



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