How to Register a Birth In Monaco

Register a Birth In Monaco By Online

  • To declare the child’s birth the person who registered the birth must go into the City Council and present all necessary documents.
  • Recognizing a genuine child can be recognized at any point following birth. The father has to be present along with the mother of the child. They should be able to present all necessary documents to apply for the procedure.

Required Documents For Register a Birth


If parent’s are divorced:

  • Family Book
  • Identity cards
  • Birth certificates of the mother as well as the father

If parents aren’t married:

  • Birth certificates of the mother as well as the father
  • The original identity cards of their ancestors.


  • The birth certificate issued by the parent who has acknowledged the child’s birth or identification document
  • If your baby was not born in of the Principality, you must bring along the birth certificate of the child (must not be more that 3 month).

Office Locations and Contacts

State Civil ServicePlace de la Mairie
98000 Monaco
Phone number: (+377) +377) 93 15 28 51 / 9315 29 64
Fax: (+377) 93 15 61 77
The Mayor of Monaco Website

Office Hours:

  • Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 4:00 pm (no breaks)
  • Saturday 9am – 12 noon


Every birth that occurs in Monaco have to be reported to Monaco’s City Council within 4 days following the delivery.

The Document is required

A Birth Certificate includes the name and gender of a person, as well as the date and time of birth. It’s issued following the registration of the birth of your child.

The following steps will show you how to record the birth of your child.

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  • The Mayor of Monaco Website:



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