How To Register a Business In Algeria

How To Register a Business In Algeria

  • Request a certificate of authenticity of the chosen company name by contacting the Centre National du Registre du Commerce (CNRC).
  • The capital for the start-up is to be deposited with Notary Public.
  • Create and notarize business constitution documents, send proof of signatures of the managers and also draft and file the lease for the registered office of the company.
  • Get the criminal record as well as birth certificate of the manager.
  • The business constitution should be published in the journal of law (B.O.A.L.) and a newspaper with a national circulation.
  • Make payment for stamp duty and get an invoice.
  • Register for income tax (Impt sur le revenu global des personnes physiques, IRG), corporate tax (Impt sur les bnfices des personnes morales ou des socits, IBS), and VAT with the local tax inspectorate.
  • Register for the Caisse Nationale des Assurances Sociales des Travailleurs Salaris (CNAS).
  • Set up a business bank account using commercial banks.
  • Sign up for your place at the Caisse Nationale de Scurit sociale des Salaris (CASNOS).
  • Make a seal for your business.
  • Get the accounting books of your business certified by the court.

Documents that are required Register a Business

  • Certificate of the originality
  • Criminal record
  • Birth certificate
  • Books of accounting
  • Signatures
  • Lease for the office that is registered for the business
  • Notarized documents of the business constitution
  • Documents required for customs clearance comprise the bill of delivery, originals invoices, phytosanitary health certificates (if relevant) along with the packing list and a certificate of origin.
  • It is essential to ensure these are completed correctly, since incomplete, incomplete or incorrect documentation could cause significant delays when it comes to customs.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Register of Trade Center,National Road No. 24 LIDO Algiers Bordj el Kiffan BP N 18 16120 Algeria
Tel: 213 /
Fax: 213

The American Chamber of Commerce in Algeria
SHERATON Hotel, Club des Pins
Staoueli, 1601, Alger Algrie
Office N22.
Mobile: +213 (0) 555 61 62 82

What Are All The Eligibility

Three kinds of investments are offered:

  • Acquisitions of assets that are part of the creation of new businesses or will likely to increase the capacity of production, or revamp or remodel manufacturing facilities
  • Participation to the capital structure of businesses (in forms of cash or in-kind contributions)
  • Buyout of the activities of an entire or partial privatization.


The applicant has to complete a form which lists the proposed four names and pay an additional fee for the name search as well as tax stamp.
The Commercial Registry (Centre National du Registre du Commerce, CNRC) conducts a name search and issues a name certificate that same day.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the business
  • Number of the bank account
  • Criminal criminal records
  • Notarized documents

Documentation is needed

The legislature gave a broad definition to investment. The Ordinance No.01-03 that was adopted on April 20, 2001 with amendments to regulate the growth of investment sets the rules that apply to international and domestic investments in the activities of economic manufacturing of products and services.

Information that could be helpful

  • Since 2003, it is possible to request a criminal conviction (extraIt de casier judiciary) in the CNRC without going to The Clerk of Court at the birthplace of the manager.
  • The managers are required to keep the criminal record in the Trade Register and also provide an original copy of the birth certificate which is obtained at the birthplace.
  • It is assumed that managers have an official birth certificate.

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