How to Register a Business In Jamaica

 Register a Business In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. You can register a new business in Jamaica by visiting the Companies Office of Jamaica. To submit your application, please click this link .
  2. You can obtain the “Super Form” business registration application form (No BRF1) from the COJ or download it directly from this link: Links
  3. Please review the instructions and complete the required sections to register your new business.
  4. After filling out the application form, gather the necessary supporting documents listed in the “Required Documents” section below and attach them along with the completed application form.
  5. Pay the required registration fee at the cashier’s counter and receive the payment receipt.
  6. Send the completed application and all required documents, including the payment receipt, to the COJ officer in the service section.
  7. After receiving your application, the official will issue an acknowledgment receipt and forward the application to the appropriate department.
  8. The COJ will review your application. If it meets the requirements for registration, they’ll approve it and prepare the Business registration Certificate.
  9. You can visit the COJ office to collect your registration certificate. The certificate will include the NIS and TRN numbers of your business.

Apply Online

  1. Before you register your business, reserve a name. To see the steps involved in reserving a business name, please refer to the wiki-procedure “Jamaica – Reserve a Business Name”.
  2. You can apply online for Business registration at the COJ website Link
  3. If you have an existing account with the COJ, click on “GO to SERVICE” to sign in. Click on “Create Account to Register”
  4. Complete the registration page and click “REGISTER”. If you have filled in the correct information, you will automatically be logged into your account
  5. After logging in, click on “Register A Business”. You will see details about your Business Name Registration, Expiry Date, State (Approved/Rejected), and Action (if you have already reserved a name).
  6. Click on Action to go to the Online Business Registration Form
  7. Fill in the information, click “Save”, then select “Validate Name” and “Validate Address”. Wait for validation to be completed. Click on “Next Section” again to proceed to the next page.
  8. This page will ask you to confirm that your company has a branch. Once you have answered the question, click on “Validate Branch” to move to the next section.
  9. Click on “Add Individual” and fill in your details. You can also upload any documents required as directed. To fill out your details, click on the “FILL WITH MEYER PROFILE” button to fill in the fields automatically using your saved details. Next, click on the “Validate Owners” link to go to the next section. Once validated, select “Next Section”.
  10. Click on “Fill with my User Profile” to confirm the information, then click on the “Validate Filling Info” button and click “Finish” for your application
  11. After processing your application, the system will direct you to your application page. Here you’ll find your business registration details. This information includes: Submitted, In review, Created Date, Resource ID, and Submitted. Click on the Download icon and scroll up to find the tiles you need to sign your documents electronically. You can also pay your application via the online platform. You will need to be accompanied by an expert to navigate these tiles and to attach your signature. You can choose the collection location you prefer and then pay online.
  12. After you have submitted your registration fee and application fee, the system will automatically process your transaction. Upon successful payment, it will generate receipts that you can view or download. You will receive the same receipt via email.
  13. After processing, close the application. Wait for your registration certificate.


  • You have the option to request the standard service, which takes two working days, or the expedited service for the next day at J$ 3000 or J$ 1500.
  • You must first reserve your Business Name with Jamaica’s Companies Office before you can start the process of registering your company. Refer to Wikiprocedure: Jamaica – Reserve a Business Name

Required Documents For Register a Business

  • Complete the Application Form
  • Document proving your current address, such as a driver’s license or utility bill
  • Tax Registration Number (TRN).
  • Original valid identification document issued by the government
  • Letter exempting work permit
  • Some businesses require professional certification, such as doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, engineers, surveyors, real estate developers, heir dressers, barbers, custom brokers, pest control operators, child care, and golden age care services.

Upload these documents to your online application

  • TRN
  • Valid identification document
  • Documentation attesting to the address
  • Certification for professionals
  • Letter exempting work permit
  • Reservation of name

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Companies Office of Jamaica Main OfficeAddress at 1 Grenada Way (at Grenada Crescent and Grenada Way), Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I

Telephone: (876) 908-4419-26
Fax: (876) 996-7152

Technical Support Contact:
Telephone: (876) 919-1990

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Wednesdays 8:30am – 3:30pm
Thursday through Friday 8:30am – 3 :00pm

Montego Bay Branch
Address: The Annex Unit 3 Annex Plaza Alice Eldermire Drive Fair view Montego Bay St. James
Telephone: (876) 276-9558


  • Individuals who want to register a company under the Jamaica business name act are eligible to apply.


  • Individual sole proprietorship $2500
  • Partnerships for 2-5 owners $2500
  • Partnerships with 6-20 owners $5000
  • Corporate sole proprietorship $3000
  • Online registration will incur a shipping charge in addition to the registration fee.


  • The certificate is valid three years

Documents for Use

Application form: Link

Processing Time

  • Processing time is approximately two working days.


A business name is an entity where the owners assume all risk as sole traders or partnerships registered under the business names act.
For online apps:

  • Fill out the Application for Business Name Registration
    • Complete the Business Name Registration Form.
    • All required documents can be attached or uploaded
    • To ensure it is completed correctly, validate the form
    • Save the form, then click Finish
  • For each proprietor, create an account
    • Every proprietor must have an account that is linked to the email address used for the application.
    • If you have lost access to your email address, a new profile should be created and your application redone.
  • Sign the application
    • Logging in to your account is required for each proprietor.
    • Electronic signatures are possible by clicking a checkbox
    • An email address associated to your profile will receive a secret code. Please check your spam folder as the secret phrase could end up in spam.
    • Fill in the secret and your username and password to complete the signing
  • Once all parties have signed, you can pay for the registration
    • Only a web account can be used to make payments.
    • For an additional charge, courier can be selected as a delivery option

Requirements Information

  • Information for businesses
  • Proprietor Information
  • Information about the Secretary
  • GCT Registration
  • Declaration
  • Please complete the section required for registration of a business

You will need the document

  • Valid Business registration certificates prove that you are authorized to run a business in Jamaica, as required by law.

Information that might be of assistance

The COJ classifies these business names:

Individual Sole Proprietor

  • One owner (proprietor) for a business name. The owner must be a natural person.


  • A business name that has more than one owner (proprietor). Owners can be individuals, companies, or a combination of both.

Corporate Sole Proprietor

  • One owner (proprietor) of a business name. The company must be the owner.

External Links

  • Jamaican Government: Links



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