How to Register a Death In Morocco

Register a Death In Morocco By Online

  1. Visit Registry Office. Registry Office.
  2. Bring the documents you need.
  3. Submit the documents.

Required Documents For Register a Death

  • The family book or identification and civil status booklet.
  • A medical death certificate, or the administrative certificate (issued following an investigation conducted of the authorities local.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of the InteriorAvenue Mohammed V,
Quartier Administratif
Phone 537-761-861
Fax: 537-762-056

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
7 rue F. Roosevelt Rabat
Tel: 05 37 76 11 25/23 24
Fax: 05 37 76 55 08
Lookup Moroccan Consulates and Embassies abroad (left right side of page)



The death must be reported to the family members who have lost a loved one in the order listed below:

  • Son
  • Spouse
  • Father or mother or the testamentary guardian of the deceased, or the tutor dative of the deceased throughout their life
  • Guardian for the person who is under the guardianship (kafala)
  • Brother
  • Grand-father
  • Local authority in the event that all of the above individuals failed to inform the local authority.


Three months.

Processing Time

Your request will be processed the same day that you have submitted the death notice.


  • Death notifications are mandatory. it has to be reported to the authorities in thirty days (beginning on the date the deceased passed away) when the death occurred at a location in Morocco or within the first year when the Moroccan died outside of Morocco. The death notification is recorded on the basis of documents provided at Civil Status Officer. Civil Status Officer.
  • The death must not be disclosed to the officer in charge of civil affairs at the area where the death took place or in the Moroccan consulate, or the embassy in the event that the person who died was on.
  • The death of a person who dies on air or maritime travel or air travel, must be reported at the request of the Civil Statutory Officer of the closest Moroccan airport or seaport or at the Moroccan Consul or to the diplomatic representative in the country of destination as well as to the Civil Status officer of the most recent location that the person who died is domiciled in Morocco within a period of 30 days beginning at the time of the arrival.
  • Failure to notify that the baby was born within stipulated timeframe carries a penalty of between 300 to 1200 DH. The person responsible for the notification will be fined. of the notification. Then the Moroccan Court of First Instance with jurisdiction in the region where the the death occurred will make an opinion.
  • The deceased Moroccans living abroad: The competent source can be found in that of the Court of First Instance in the country of the residence of the person seeking death notifications in the event that there is no Court of First Instance. This is applicable to Moroccans who reside in Morocco or who have made a return to Morocco and not to foreigners who have permanent residence abroad but not having a residence in Morocco.
  • Concerning Moroccans living abroad, make an appeal to the Presidency of First Instance Court in Rabat because it is the court that is competent to make payment of MAD 50 per application in order to get a declaration of judgement.
  • If the death occurred outside of Morocco The family is able to take the deceased to home by contact with competent services, either from the municipality, commune, or the province and supplying the necessary documentation.
  • When the procedure for death notification are complete and funeral arrangements are in place, the funeral can commence, beginning with the issuance of a funeral authorization. This must be submitted through the Community Health Protection Office, or by the appropriate social service, and then submitting the all necessary documents.
  • After the submission of all documents after submitting all necessary documents, the heirs of deceased can be given a copy of the short or full replica of the death certificate from the Civil Status Office of the location of death. The certificate will be used to be used for administrative purposes for public institutions.

The Document is required

Here are the steps on how to record the death of a person in Morocco.

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