How to Register a Divorce In Ukraine

Register a Divorce In Ukraine By online

Where do you register the dissolution of marriage:

  • In the location of the spouse’s residence or the residence of one of them.
  • The office of state registration of civil status laws will not raise no objection in the event that one spouse has made an application for the state marriage dissolution registration at the state office for registry of status civil act not at the home, however, at the place of the residence of the other spouse. In this instance the residence of the other spouses is verified by their passport or passport documents with the information on their residence or any other relevant document issued by a competent body (item 5 Chapter 3, Section? of Chapter 3, Section? of the Rules for state registration of civil status documents within Ukraine).
  • In the event that one of the spouses is found to be absent or legally incapable as per the predetermined procedure, the state-registered of dissolution of marriage is performed at the residence of residence of the spouse who is missing when the spouse applies for dissolution of marriage.

Entry entered in passports or passport documents of spouses following the dissolution in marriage

  • A registration for the dissolution of marriage is entered on passports or other documents of those whom marriages are dissolving by indicating the location and date of the registration, the family name patronymic and first name of the person that dissolved marriage and family names following the registration.
  • If the marriage registration by state dissolution took place without the presence of one spouse and the entry of marriage dissolution on the travel document or passport is made upon handing over with the Marriage Dissolution Certificate by the office for the state registry of status civil that issues the certificate, along with an the exact location and date of the state registration of the marriage dissolution.
  • A record of marriage dissolution on the basis of a court decision is recorded in passports or passport papers of people who have their marriage dissolving and in the event of sending their documents to the office for the state registry of civil status acts and presenting the court decision.

Required Document For Register a Divorce 

Dissolution of Marriage Permitted in Court

  • Application for registration by the state of divorce due to a court decision
  • Copy of court decision that is effective (an extract of the court’s decision) regarding divorce
  • Passport or passport documents
  • Receipt attesting to the that the state duty was paid set by the court
  • If one spouse with an excuse that is valid, fails to be able to attend the state-wide registration of marriage dissolution, the spouse is able to, by filing an application for the registration of marriage dissolution or within a period of one month, notify the state registration body of civil status laws on acceptance of an application for registration of marriage dissolution in his/her own absence. Then, he/she should provide the address of the body that is responsible for state registration of civil state acts and the address to which you will receive the Marriage Dissolution Certificate should be sent to. In the event of sending an official notification in writing with a signature, the signature of the spouse who has not been able to arrive, must be notarized.

Application for the dissolution of marriage of spouses with no children:

  • A written application to dissolve the marriage between spouses who are not parents with a reference to the fact that there are no children.
  • Marriage Certificate must be attached to the application. Marriage Certificate must be attached to the application.

The dissolution of marriage can be based due to the fact that one of the spouses has been declared legally incapacitated or missing:

  • Written application
  • The person who initiates the divorce must also include the court decision (an extract from the court’s decision) in the form of a declaration by spouses who are legally incapacitated or missing.

Office Locations and Contacts

Head of the State Registration Service of Ukraine

Phone Numbers for Contact: 044233-65-10

Phone Number for Fax: 044 233 65-44

First Head

Inna Zavalna

Contact Phone Number: 044-233-65-20

the Deputy Head

Iryna Kukharenko

Contact number: 044-233-65-30

Str. M. Raskovoy, 15, Kyiv, 02660

Control & Documentary Provision Division (chancellery)

Contact numbers: 044233-64-96

Phone Numbers for Fax: 044-233-64-98


Press Service

Contact numbers: 044233-64-71


Department on State Registration of Civil Status of Citizens

  • +38 044 233-64-75

Division for Apostille Certificates

  • +38 044 233-65-13

Records keeper for the Department

  • +38 044 233-64-75 (fax)

The Department of State Registration for Ownership Rights for Immovable property

  • +38 044 233-64-93

The Record-keeper at the Department

  • +38 044 233-64-87

Contact numbers to get consultations on State registration of Ownership Rights regarding Immovable Property.

  • +38 044 233-64-78

Department for Legalization of Civil Society Unions, State Registration of Printed Mass Media and Information Agencies

  • +38 044 233-64-92

The Record-keeper at the Department

  • +38 044 233-64-95

Department for the State Register of Legal Entities as well as Individual Entrepreneurs

  • +38 044 233-65-24

Records keeper for the Department

  • +38 044 233-65-36

Division for Human Resources and civil services

  • +38 044 233-65-49

Division on applications from people and their access to public information

  • +38 044 233-64-91
  • Email:

For news about cases of corruption within the institutions of the registration service of the government:

  • Email:
  • Address of the postal address: Str. M. Raskovoy, 15, Kyiv, 02660.

The Document is required

Divorce or dissolution of marriage is the end of the marriage between a couple who are married. It is the result of the annulment of all legal obligations and obligations between spouse and husband.

Two ways through how marriages can be dissolved in Ukraine The first method is through The Body of State Registration of Civil Status Acts and the other is through a court procedure. When the authorities have approved the request for dissolution of marriage, and issued a Certificate of Marriage Dissolution it has to be registered in the State Registers.

Here is the procedure for how to file the divorce.

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