How To Register a Marriage In Georgia

How To Register a Marriage In Georgia

  • The ceremony of marriage in Georgia is registrable at any office in the territory of the Public Services Development Agency and any branch of Public Service Hall.
  • Make sure your have the required documents provided under the required documents section.
  • The following link gives information about the location regarding Public Relations Offices as well as associated Territorial Offices, Public Service Hall and Community Centers in Georgia that can assist.
  • The following link gives contact details of Public Relations Offices and associated Territorial Offices:

Office Contact Details

  • The locations on the Map of Public Service Hall :

Office Addresses

  • Locations on the Map of Community Centers Georgia :

Community Centers

Documents Required Register a Marriage

  • Jointly submitted written applications of married people.
  • Identity documents that prove the identity of people who can be married.
  • The proof of payment for the service fee document (if the marriage ceremony is held in a ceremony-like setting, or outside of the building).
  • Identity documents that prove the identity of witnesses.
  • Document proving the termination of a previous marriage document (if relevant)
  • Document of identification and the authorization of a person , if application is submitted by the person who represents the marriageable person.
  • In the event of registering the marriage of someone between 16-18 years old the following document must be provided in addition to:
  • The birth certificate for the married person as well as a court order regarding consent to marriage, or written consent from parents or legal representatives as well as identification documents.

The documents included in the plan are required to be presented before the approved authorities, in specific format. Submission of documents is not mandatory, if the e-database of Legal Entity of Public Law operating within the governance of Ministry of Justice – Public Services Development Agency – contains the information given in the relevant document.Furthermore, it is mandatory that the documents issued (certified) in a different state (except for proof of identity documents) must be submitted in duly legalized or Apostille certified form, with the translation attested in accordance with the Georgian laws unless International Treat or Agreement of Georgia envisages otherwise.

Office Locations and Contacts

This link will provide contact details for the Public Service Development Agency and the related Territorial Offices: The Office Contact Number
Locations on the Map of Public Service Hall : Office Locations

How To Register a Marriage In Georgia
How To Register a Marriage In Georgia

Locations on Map of Community Centers Georgia : Community Centers

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The age of marriage and the consent of the person who wishes to get married is required to register marriage.
  • The marriage registration process is valid at the age of 18.
  • Marriage registration for one who is between the ages of 16 and 18 years old is permitted with the approval of both parents or legal representatives or court orders.

Registration for marriage is not permitted:

  • Between two people, if one of them has married another.
  • Between biological and non-biological siblings and brother.
  • Between the adoptive parent and the child.
  • Between two persons, if the other is considered a ward, and no marriage contract has been signed between them as outlined in Part 2 of Article 1172 in the Civil Code of Georgia.

Individuals who are able to apply for marriage Registration

  • A couple of legal age who want to get married.
  • Minors between 16 and 18 years old who wishes to get married.
  • A valid person(s) of the couple.

In order to register marriage between two people who are an international citizen, the other must legally remain in Georgia.


Marriage registration outside of the building: 170 GEL
Wedding registration at Marriage Palace with a special ceremony (on weekends) 150 GEL
Wedding registration at Marriage Palace with a special ceremony (on working days) 90 GEL
Registration of marriage in an office in the territory with an extra ritual service 50 GEL.
Wedding registration in Public Service Hall or territorial office of the Public Services Development Agency with no specific ritual services Cost: Free of charge

Documentation is needed

This process provides you with the details about registering your wedding in Georgia.



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