How To Register a Vehicle In American Samoa

How To Register a Vehicle In American Samoa

  1. Submit an request to the Commissioner of Public Safety.
  2. Show a valid certificate of inspection.
  3. Also, you must provide the insurance certificate coverage. The coverage must be valid for the time period in the validity of your license.
  4. Make payment of the required motor fee for the license of a vehicle.
  5. A valid registration for motor vehicles is issued.
  6. Once the applicant has met with the rules The Commissioner will issue two decals which state the time that registration is in effect and they will be affixed to License tags.

Documents that are required Register a Vehicle

  • Application form completed
  • Valid inspection certificate
  • Insurance coverage certificate the coverage must be in effect during the duration of the license

Office Locations and Contacts

Office of Highway SafetyDepartment of Public Safety
The Government of American Samoa
P.O. Box 1086
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 USA
Phone: (684) 633-1111
Fax: (684) 633-7296
Email Address:

Office of Motor Vehicles
Department of Public Safety
The Government of American Samoa
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 USA
Telephone: (684) 699-9199 or 9188
Fax: (684) 699-4224

What Are All The Eligibility

All motor vehicles that are operated within American Samoa must be registered.

Exemption Code for Registration and Vehicle Licenses

  1. motor vehicles operated and owned under government officials of the Government of American Samoa or the Government of the United States;
  2. motor vehicles that are licensed to operate in all states, with the exception that they can be exempt for a time period that does not extend beyond the date of expiration of the license or the time period stipulated in 22.1004 or the earlier date and except that these vehicles must meet the regulations that are set out in the sections (b) (2) (b) (2) through (b) (4) in 22.1002 concerning registration, inspection, and insurance prior to allowing the vehicle to be used on any road within American Samoa;
  3. motor vehicles that are owned or in the custody of licensed importers or dealers during the transport to the entry point into American Samoa to the premises of the importer or dealer;
  4. motor vehicles operating to or from vehicles inspection stations for purpose of obtaining a motor license required in this chapter with the exception that the vehicles must comply with the conditions in section (b)(3) from 22.1002 regarding insurance before the vehicle is allowed to be operated on any road in American Samoa.
  5. In spite of subsection (1) the vehicles that are owned or operated under Government of American Samoa Government must be recognized with appropriate department or branch tags.


Registration fees for a vehicle license:

  • Motor vehicle, which includes private cars and cargo vehicles motorbikes, buses taxis, trailers as well as rentals $32.00 Plus per ton: $12.00
  • Bicycle: $2.00

Other license-related costs:

  • Renewal of motor vehicle: $32.00
  • Certificates of Legal Ownership and Titles $10.00
  • Transfers: $10.00
  • Shipments: $10.00
  • Conversions: $12.00
  • Titles that are duplicate: $10.00
  • Late penalties: $9.00
  • Replace stolen or lost plate or tag: $22.00


The motor vehicle licenses of all vehicles that are issued by American Samoa expires annually at times set by the Commissioner through rules to ensure public security. The Commissioner can grant an up to 30 day grace time to obtain vehicle inspection certificates.


The application for a motor vehicle license must be sent at the Commissioner of Public Safety.

Information that could be helpful

Display of License

License tags should appear only on vehicles on which they were issued and in the following way:

  • One is securely attached one securely attached to the front and the other securely attached at the rear in all times. It must remain clean, and clearly visible for the distance of 50 feet.
  • License tags should be properly illuminated, in accordance with the provisions of subsection (e) in 22.1101.

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How To Register a Vehicle In American Samoa
How To Register a Vehicle In American Samoa

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