How To Register a Vehicle In Antigua and Barbuda

How To Register a Vehicle In Antigua and Barbuda

  1. The registration process must be completed in person. You must complete an application for a motor vehicle license form.
  2. Complete the form and submit it together with the other documents with the other required documents to the Office of the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.
  3. Make sure you pay the applicable charges.
  4. When a motor vehicle is registered and registered, The Office of Commissioner of Inland Revenue will verify all the information on the form. If it is deemed required the vehicle is examined through an Examination Officer in order to make sure it is roadworthy.
  5. The certified version of an entry made in the Register of motor vehicles in the prescribed format is issued for the motorist who owns the car.

renewal: Renewing a license must be done either in person or via letter and the original licence is also given back to the commissioner of Inland Revenue.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Works and TransportSt. John’s Street
St. John’s, Antigua
Local Number: (268) 462-0890
International Téléphone: (268) 462-2953

Governor General’s Office
Church Street
St. John’s, Antigua Local Telephone: (268) 462-0003.
International Téléphone: (268) 462-0003

For other contact information, follow this link:

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The owner of the vehicle, or person who has the authority to process registration for the vehicle
  • To register a motorbike with your own name need to be at minimum 16 years old.
  • To be able to register a motor vehicle you must be 18 .

Motor vehicles that are registered in the following classes are not required to register:

  • Private motor vehicles and motor cycles brought to Antigua or Barbuda by guests to use exclusively for not more than three months under such conditions as are prescribed;
  • New motor vehicles are in the inventory of dealers or manufacturers with motor vehicles destined to be sold and not used unless with the approval by the commissioner of Inland Revenue in writing for the purpose of testing in the hope of selling with the condition as are prescribed.


The cost to register the vehicle will be based on the kind of vehicle registered.

No fee will be due for the registration of any trailer or motor vehicle:

  • This is the property of the Governor He uses it in order to perform the official or personal obligations.
  • They are part of the Government or any government agency, or of a the City or Village Council which are owned by the Government, or of any other government body or City or Village Council
  • That is exempted from an order from the Governor-General based on it being used for charitable, philanthropic , or public use or
  • That is the property of the Consular Officer or an employee from the United States Embassy in Antigua and Barbuda that is:
    • It is not an British subject,
    • Not engaged in private business for profit not engaged in private occupations for profit Antigua and Barbuda or
    • Permanent employees from an employee of the United States Embassy in Antigua and Barbuda or, if a permanent employee , was not a resident of Antigua and Barbuda at the time of his service at the Embassy of the United States of America and that will be utilized by the employee to perform his official or personal obligations:

Note The exemption granted to pay the registration fee to the vehicle will end when the reason for this exemption ceases to apply to the particular vehicle.


A motor vehicle’s registration is valid for as long the vehicle is in operation and may only be cancelled if commissioner of Inland Revenue is satisfied that the vehicle is destroyed or made inoperable permanently or removed permanently off Antigua and Barbuda or is not relicensed in the past two years.


The person who owns the vehicle is required to file an application along with the registration fee that is prescribed. It is the Office of the Commissioner of Inland Revenue is the first to examine the application. Once the Commissioner has endorsed the application, they will record details of the vehicle into the motor vehicle register and assign to this vehicle the registered number or numbers that will be the identification mark for such vehicle.

Documentation is needed

You cannot operate or be the owner of a car without having the vehicle registered first. The registration certificate will be considered as a prima facie proof that the vehicle to the which it relates has been registered.

Information that can be useful

  • Any officer of the police can arrest a motor vehicle that doesn’t have any proof that is registered.
  • You will not be accountable for a fine for failure to register your vehicle if you are able to show that you took every reasonable step to be in compliance with the registration requirements , and you can prove that your vehicle is used on the road to be registered.

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How To Register a Vehicle In Antigua and Barbuda
How To Register a Vehicle In Antigua and Barbuda

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