How to Register as Private or Public Company In Niue

Register as Private or Public Company In Niue By Online

  1. The application should be submitted to the Registrar.
  2. Submit documents.
  3. The new Certificate of Incorporation of the business in the prescribed format is issued.

Office Locations and Contacts

Registration of CompaniesTreasury Department
Niue Public Services
PO Box 36
Contact Phones
Freephone in Niue

  • 010, 015 (ask for the Companies Office)

Freephone in New Zealand

  • 0508 722 434

No-cost phone service Outside Niue as well as New Zealand

  • +64 3 962 2723.


A company can be legally registered as a private business when it meets the following conditions:

  • The rules prevent it from selling it’s securities to general public or to the general public.
  • The rules limit that number of shareholder who can be part of the firm to not over 100.
  • It does not have greater than 100 investors.


  • A public company can make an application to the Registrar become a registered private business If
    • The company satisfies the requirements set out in paragraph (1) (1); and
    • The application was approved by shareholders in a special resolution
  • Private companies can submit a request to the Registrar to register as a public entity subject to the approval of shareholders via a an express resolution.
  • Private companies has to apply to register as a public corporation when it no longer meets the criteria.
  • The Registrar is required to declare the company an open company and issue a fresh certificate of incorporation to the business in the form prescribed in the event that it is required.
    • A request is submitted to the Registrar.
    • The Registrar’s the attention of a private company that has stopped meeting the requirements

The name of the company

  • A company’s name must be a business must be a word that begins with Limited.
  • The Registrar is not required to sign up a company that has the name
    • That is nearly or similar to the name of a different company It is also
    • The use of which could violate any law in relation on the usage of name or
    • It is contrary to the regulations issued by this Act regarding corporate names, or
    • The Registrar believes that it could be offensive.
  • If the application for incorporation of a firm has an unsuitable name, which is not in compliance with the specifications of this section, the Registrar is required to incorporate the company by incorporating it with names in the form of Company Number x Limited, where x is the unique number that is assigned for the firm by the Registrar specifically for this reason.

Documentation is needed

An Private Company is a firm that is owned by a private person. one which’s ownership is not recorded as private, but is a public one.

Here are the steps for registering an incorporation either as a private or a public firm.

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