How to Register as Seafarer (Seaman) In Malysia

Register as Seafarer (Seaman) In Malysia By Yourself

Here are the methods by the process by which a Seafarer, or a Seaman is able to get registered to Malaysia.

Apply in personTo sign up as an Seaman Please go to one of these Marine Department office locations which is closest to you in order to be able to sign up as a Seafarer: Contact Information

How to Obtain Certificate of Competency (COC Marine Department) In Malysia
How to Register as Seafarer (Seaman) In Malysia

Fill out the application on-line
To sign up as a Seaman via on-line registration You can register on-line using this link to help you register online : Register On-line
Use the link below that will guide you in registration on-line (following the document in Malay Use Google Translate document to translate the document to English) : User Guide

Office Locations and Contacts

Marine Department of Malaysia contact details : Contact Information

Documentation is needed

This process provides you with information about how you can register as a Seafarer or Seaman Malaysia.



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