How to Register as Sole Trader or SelfEmployed In Malta

Register as Sole Trader or SelfEmployed In Malta By Online

  1. To be able to open a company or register as a self-employed person in Malta people must notify JobsPlus via the submission of the Self Engagement Form and inform to the National Statistics Office for inclusion in the Business Register.
  2. Based on the activities associated with the business, the following steps may be necessary.
    1. VAT number/s that must be registered at VAT Department VAT Department in the event that their business isn’t VAT exempt, or
    2. A PE ID number is required to sign up as an organization with Inland Revenue Department in the case that the business will require the participation of employees at the beginning phases
    3. Complete your details on the Business Register Questionnaire provided by the National Statistics Office.
  3. This link provides applications forms that can be used: The application form
  4. How to Register as Sole Trader or SelfEmployed In Malta
    How to Register as Sole Trader or SelfEmployed In Malta
  5. The information will be processed, and the applicant will be notified via electronic means with the registration numbers required in order to begin operations within the next 48 hours.

Required Documents For Register as Sole Trader or SelfEmployed

  • A valid Identity Card, Residence Permit or ID card issued by the Identity Management Office

Office Locations and Contacts

Business First, Gwardamangia Hill,
Piet MEC0001,
Phone :
Business First Business First: The Business First:
VAT: +356 21499330
Inland Revenue Inland Revenue: +356 22962296
Jobsplus: +356 21654940
National Statistics Office: +356 25997000
Business First:
VAT Department:
Inland Revenue:
National Statistics Office:

Documents to Utilize

The application form can be used as: The application form

Requirements Information

  • Social Security Number

Documentation is needed

This process provides you with the information on how to register as Sole Trader or Self-employed individual in Malta.

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