How to Register as Teacher In Ireland

Register as Teacher In Ireland By Online

  • The registration of a teacher needs to be completed by The Teaching Council.
  • Candidates who are certified in Ireland and are not recent graduates who want to start or return to teaching following a period absence can submit a request at the Teaching Council for Registration.
  • The applicants will need to provide evidence of their character, and they will have to undergo an examination process called Garda screening. It could take as long as 10 weeks, therefore applicants must apply to register at minimum 12 weeks ahead of their expected return to (or the start or commencement of) teaching.

The following link lists various qualifications required for : Qualification Requirements

The following link gives contact details for Teaching Council that can be employed to : Teaching Council

Office Locations and Contacts

The following link gives contact details regarding Teaching Council that can be utilized to : Teaching Council


Information related to fees that can be used for: Information about fees

Documents to Utilize

Applications forms that may be used to: Application Formulas

Processing Time

Processing times for applications are provided in the following link : The Processing Time

Documentation is needed

This process provides you with the information on how to apply to become an educator in Ireland.



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