How to Register as Voter In Belize

Register as Voter In Belize By Online

  1. Get all the necessary documents.
  2. Visit your local Registration Office of Elections and Boundaries Department in your region to sign up as a voter.
  3. Complete and fill in the application form. Sign the record the number on the card.
  4. Get your picture taken for your ID card and record card.
  5. Officers of registration will carry out an audit to verify the details provided by applicants.
  6. A list of prospective applicants referred to as “Supplementary List” will be made available by the Registering Officer to be scrutinized by the public between the 15th and 25th day of the month. The lists are displayed at all registration Offices.
  7. Any objections to names on the listing will be accepted and changes will be made until the list has been adopted through Revision Court.
  8. Identification Cards are issued to the people listed on the Revised List approximately one week following the approval by the Revision Court.

Required Documents For Register as Voter

  • Birth certificate issued by Belize that is submitted with an ID photo or a proof of identity issued by Justice of peace.
  • Passport made from Belize or any other commonwealth country
  • Adoption Certificate issued by Belize that is submitted with a photo ID or a written certification from Justice or justice of the peace.
  • Deed poll, along alongside the birth certificate as well as an ID photograph or certificate from an official or justice of the peace.
  • Belizean Nationality Certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

Elections and Boundaries Department
P. O. Box 913
Charles Bartlett Hyde Bldg.,
Mahogany Street Extension
Belize City, Belize

Contact Numbers: 501-22 2442/24992
Fax: 501 – 22 24991

How  to Register as Voter In Belize
How to Register as Voter In Belize

District Registration Offices in Belize:

63 Barrier Reef Dr.
San Pedro Ambergris Caye
Tel: 226-2220

Belize Rural North, Central,
North, East & South Electoral Divisions
Ramons Plaza Ladyville
Belize City
Tel: 225-4604

Caribbean Shores, Pickstock, Fort George, Freetown Electoral Divisions
7134 Lumber Yard Crescent
Belize City
Tel: 223-6075

Collet, Mesopotamia, Lake Independence Mesopotamia, Lake Independence Divisions
70 Cemetery Rd.
Belize City
Tel: 227-1204

Albert, Queen’s Square, Port Loyola Electoral Divisions
89 Euphrates Avenue
Belize City
Tel: 227-1213

Others District Register Offices


  • Aged 18 and over.
  • The following are possible:
    • Citizen of Belize
    • Citizens of any commonwealth nation and is a resident of Belize for at least 12 (12) months
    • Citizens of any commonwealth nation who is resident within Belize as a resident of Belize’s Electoral Division for not less than two months

Documents to Utilize

Frequently Answered Questions



Registration for voters is made possible through registration officers from the Registration Office of the Department of Boundaries and Elections. There are 14 district offices across Belize that are run by registration agents. Registration is ongoing and you can add your name on the electoral roll at any time during normal office hours.

The Document is required

A electoral roll can be described as a record of the people who are registered to vote in a specific location. The guidelines for Voter Registration are available in the People Act Chapter 9 of the Laws of Belize.

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