How to Register Design In Malta

Register Design In Malta By Online

  1. Fill out an application form. and a link will be provided under “Documents to Use” section where you can download the form.
  2. You can submit your application in person or opt to use an on-line Design filing system Link. Click here.
  3. How to Register Design In Malta
    How to Register Design In Malta
  4. Be sure to pay all fees that apply.
  5. If your application is accepted, the registration certificate will be issued. In addition, a notice is published on the Government Gazette stating the fact that the design was registered and is accessible by the general public through the Office.

Office Locations and Contacts

Commerce Department

Business Care UnitLascaris Bastion
Valletta VLT 2000



Public Open Hours:
08.30 – 12.00; 13.30 – 15.30 (Oct 1-Jun 15) – (Jun 16-Sep 31) 08.00 – 12.30


novelty The design will be considered original in the event that no similar design has been released to the public prior to the date on which the application to register is filed , or in the event that prioritization is sought, prior to that date.
Personal Character The design will be thought to be unique in the event that the overall impression it gives to the informed user is different from the impression created by other designs that is released to the public prior to the date of filing the registration application and, in the event that priority has been claimed, prior to the date of priority.
Disclose: A design is believed to have been made accessible to the public when it was presented, displayed, publicly released, in trade or other ways that have been made available, unless it can be demonstrated that the design may have been discovered prior to the filing date or , where priority is claimed prior to the date of priority, in the routine of business to experts in the industry involved.

NON-Registrable Designs:

  • characteristics of appearance of a product that is solely determined by the function of its technology;
  • aspects of the appearance of a piece of art that have to be replicated exactly in form and dimensions to enable the product with which the design included or to the product to which the design is applied to function
  • A design that serves the purpose of permitting multiple assembly or the connection of various interchangeable items within a modular structure.
  • A design that is not in accordance to the public policies or accepted standards of morality.
  • A design that is comprised of the flag of Malta’s nation. Malta or has either the Presidential or Episcopal arms, or the main armorial bearings, or representation of the flag.


Design rights are secured for a period of five years beginning from when the application is filed the application. It is then renewable for a period of one or more of five years, each one up to a maximum period that is 25 years.

The design’s protection right extends to all designs that does not create an unintentionally different impression to the user who is aware.

Documents to Utilize

Application to register an Design


The applications for the registration of the design must be submitted to the Comptroller either in Maltese or English language on the proper form, and are accompanied by the fee prescribed.

The document is needed

A Design is the look of the entire or part of a product that is derived from the characteristics of specifically the shapes, contours, colours shapes, textures and/or the material of the product or its design.

This guideline provides details on how to apply to register a design with the Industrial Property Registrations Directorate (IPRD).

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