How To Register for Net Wealth Tax In China

How To Register for Net Wealth Tax In China

  • Enterprises and their affiliates, departments of business and production in other regions of the nation, private proprietors of businesses and industries and other enterprises operating in business or production operation (hereinafter called taxpayers who are engaged in business or production) must seek tax registration with local tax authorities in the area where they are engaged in production or business operations.
  • Taxpayers must receive Tax registration documents from tax authorities or tax registration centres and complete them in the manner required.
  • The tax authority or tax registration centres should review and verify the documentation, certifications, documents along with tax registration form that are submitted by taxpayers. They will provide tax registration certifications to taxpayers who meet the required requirements, and then collect taxes registration fees and administrative charges.

Documents that are required Register for Net Wealth Tax

  • A commercial and industrial business license or similar permits for business operation
  • An agreement, contract, and articles of association
  • The unifying organizational code
  • A passport, ID card, or other valid ID document from the representative of legal or a responsible owner’s member.
  • Other documents and documents are also required by tax authorities of the autonomous region, province or municipal directly under the state council. State Council

Office Locations and Contacts

Address of the State Administration for Taxation Yangfangdian Road, Haidian District 5th
Zip: 100038
Tel: 010-63417114

State Administration for Industry and Commerce People’s Republic of China
Address: 8 Sanlihe Donglu, Xichengqu, Beijing, 100820, P. R. China
Phone: +86-10-68010463/68013447
Facsimile: +86-10-68010463/68013447

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The net wealth tax can be calculated by utilizing the tax base general that is it is based on assessing the tax-paying wealth. It applies to opaque businesses only. Net assets are the ones that affect how they are shown in their balance sheets at the at the end of a tax year:
  • Residents are taxed on their world assets (Chinese assets and the foreign asset);
  • Non-residents are taxed on only net assets which is held by them on Chinese soil.


  • After registration that is granted, no department or locality is allowed to impose an arbitrary charges in the form material or money from taxpayers. Each taxpayer is entitled to decline these requests.
  • The governments of the people of the autonomous regions, provinces as well as municipal authorities directly within the supervision of the State Council formulates rules for the application of the Regulations according to the rules and regulations, and then submit the provide a report to Ministry of Finance for the document.

The Information You Need

  • The name and # of ID cards, passports,, or other valid ID document issued by the institution, its legal representative or the owner
  • The address for your business or home
  • The kind of registration
  • The accounting system
  • The production model and business operations
  • The production scope and the scope of operation
  • The sum in capital (fund) and investment
  • The definition of production and operation
  • The name and phone number of the chief financial officer.
  • Other information as specified in the State Administration of Taxation

The Document is required Register for Net Wealth Tax

This tax is that is based on the value of assets that are owned by. The assets are among others, but not limited to cash accounts, shares, bank deposits fixed assets, private vehicles as well as appraised value of estate pension plans cash funds, homeowner-occupied homes and trusts.

Information that could be helpful

  • Private companies and individuals as well as commercial and industrial companies must make an application for tax registration to the authority in the place in which their commercial and industrial administration registrations are filed to register for tax on the start of their business. Other taxpayers should first submit an application directly to the Tax Registration Center (2nd Floor Building No. 1. Lane 1060 Lujiabang Road) to get the approval from the tax unit’s administrative and receive tax unit approval slips for administration. Then, they must submit an application to the designated tax authority to register for tax upon the start of business, based on the basis of tax unit administration approval slips.
  • The primary contents of tax registration certificates should comprise your name, the tax payer and tax registration number as well as the name of the legally authorized representative or the responsible member, the address of the manufacturing or business site the type of registration the form of accounting the scope of production as well as commercial (main line and sides lines) and the date of the certification, as well as the current duration of the certificate of the tax registration certificate, etc.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

Taxes are that is based on the market value of the assets which are owned. These include and are not restricted to, cash accounts, shares, bank deposits, private cars, fixed assets and the assessed value of real estate pension plans cash funds, homeowner-occupied homes and trusts.

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How To Register for Net Wealth Tax In China
How To Register for Net Wealth Tax In China


State Administration for Industry and Commerce People’s Republic of China

State Administration of Taxation of the People’s Republic of China

Ministry of Commerce, the People’s Republic of China

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Every business must be registered in both SAT as well as Tax Bureau local and Customs in the event that it is required. Because of the complex nature of the tax structure taxes, the tax regulations may be applied differently by different office and official, and even across different districts within one city. Different offices across different regions could differ in their interpretation of tax regulations issued through the government and the way they implement them could differ. Contact local tax authorities or trusted service providers for the most recent tax regulations in the region where you’re located.



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