How to Register to Vote In Ireland

Register to Vote In Ireland By Online

  • Formulary forms to be included to the Electoral Register, Special Voters List, Postal Voters List and the revised Electoral Register are available from every local authority Post offices, post offices, and public libraries.
  • Forms are also available on

Forms that are completed must be handed back to the local authority.

Office Locations and Contacts

Local Authorities


The type of election you are able to vote in is contingent on your citizenship.The below are the people who can vote:

  • Irish citizens are eligible to vote at every election and referendums
  • British citizens are able to vote in Dil, European and local elections.
  • Other EU citizens can vote in European and local elections.
  • Non-EU citizens may vote in local elections only.

In order to be listed in the Register of Electors to be eligible for inclusion on the Register of Electors, you must:

  • At 18 on the date the Register becomes effective (15 February)
  • They were ordinarily resident in the State as of the 1st September of the year prior to the entry to in force the Register.
  • You can be included in the Supplement of the Register of Electors at or after the date when you turn the age of 18 of age. You may be eligible when your birthday falls on the deadline for applications but falls on or before the day of voting. If you fall into this category, then you need to submit your application along with an original copy of your birth certificate.
  • Students who live away from the home they live in while attending college have the option of being registered either at their home address or residential address for students. You are required to register at one address only , and you must reside at that address from 1 September, before the register becomes effective. If you are not living at the address you’re registered, then you’ll need to notify the authority responsible for registration and provide them the new address.
  • If you move away from your address, but intend to return within the next 18 months you will continue to be registered at that address, so long as you don’t apply for registration at another address.


The Register of Electors

  • Each municipality in Ireland is accountable for the compilation and publication of an electoral register for the region. This is known as”the Register of Electors or the Electoral Register. Anyone is able to look through the Register and access it at all local authorities offices and post offices. Garda stations, and public libraries.
  • The printed Register includes the name of the voter address, address, the polling station and the category of the voter.
  • A fresh draft Register is prepared each year, and it is released on November 1.

Correction of your data within the Draft Register

  • If you want to include your name or alter your information to the draft Register You are able to make this change up until 25 November every year. It is necessary to fill out form RFA1 to be included in this draft Register. You can find the RFA1 form at the nearest post office, or the public library. Forms can also be obtained from the local authority, and this is where the completed forms must be submitted to.
  • If you’re applying for a job due to the fact that you relocated to a new address, be sure to provide this information along with your old address in order to remove yourself from the list in that particular area.
  • The revised Register of Electors is published on February 1, and goes in force on the 15th of February.

The extension for the Register of Electors

  • If your name isn’t listed on the Register of Electors in February, you are still able to apply to be included in an Supplement to the Register on the form RFA2. This application is possible at any time, however, for you to get your name included in the supplement that is used during an election, the application must be approved at the local level by your authority at least 15 days prior to the day of voting (Sundays or public holidays as well as Good Friday are not considered as days to be used for this purpose).
  • You can apply to be added on the supplement as the change in address, using the form RFA3. This will also take you off from the database for the address you used to live at.

Children’s Referendum – – 10 November 2012

  • If you’re not registered on the Register of Electors and you want to participate in the forthcoming Referendum (taking to the polls on November 2012) then you need to make an application for inclusion in an amendment for the Register of Electors by Tuesday 23 October 2012.

The Electoral Register and direct marketing

  • Local authorities issue two different versions of Register of Electors: the complete register as well as the edit version.
  • The Full Register lists everyone who has the right to vote. After the Full Register has been published it is only able to be used for an election or any other purpose that is a statutory requirement.
  • The Edited Register contains the names and addresses of the voters who have agreed that their personal information can be used for different reasons (for instance, direct marketing purposes by a commercial business or any other organization).
  • If you do not wish for your personal information to be included on the Edited Register, you should mark”opt-out” or tick the “opt out” box. If you do not want your information to be added to the Edited Register, that is you agree that businesses and other companies will be able to be in touch with you via direct marketing, keep your “opt out” box empty.
  • If you don’t select the “opt out” box It is assumed that you would like your details to be added to Edited Register. Edited Register, if you do not want your details to be displayed on the Edited Register tick the “opt out” box.
  • It is an offence for an organisation/commercial body to contact someone from the full electoral register for direct marketing purposes. This was made a part of the law under Section 32(1) of the Electoral (Amendment) Act 2001. Find out more information about the proper handling of unwelcome direct marketing materials in Ireland.

Overseas voters

  • If you’re an Irish citizen living in another country, you are not able to be included into the Register of Electors. This means you are not able to participate in a referendum or election in Ireland. (The one exception is for Irish officials who are on duty overseas (and their wives) who are able to be registered on the postal voter list).

Postal Voters List

  • You are required to vote in person in an official centre for voting but you may be eligible to cast mail-in votes If you meet the following criteria:
    • The Irish diplomat or spouse who is posted in another country.
    • One of Garda Sochna
    • An all-time member of the Defence Forces.
  • You could also be eligible to cast the postal vote if can’t visit a voting station due to:
    • A physical or mental illness that causes handicap
    • You are enrolled full-time at an educational institution located in Ireland that is located far from the home address, where you’re currently registered.
    • You cannot vote at your local polling place due to your profession
    • You cannot vote at the polling place since you are in prison because of an order issued by an administrative court.
  • Applications to be included to the Postal Voters List must be submitted by November 25, at the time of the.
  • If you’re an eligible postal voter you are able to vote by mail only. You cannot vote at a polling place.
  • Additional Information of the Postal Voters List
  • If you’re eligible for the postal voter list , but aren’t listed in the list, you may apply to be included in the correct list of lists.
  • The latest time for receiving applications is two calendar days after that date for dissolution in the Dil in the event of a general vote or two days following the date of the order to appoint the day of polling for other elections , or referendums.

Special Voters List

  • You could also be eligible to be added to the A Special Voters List for those who reside in hospitals, nursing homes, or similar facilities and wish to cast their cast their ballots in these facilities. Applications to be included to the Special Voters List must be submitted by November 25, and when it comes to the first application, they must be with a medical report.

Addition for the Special Voters List

    • If you’re eligible for to be included on the Special Voter list but are not on the list, you can apply to be included in the pertinent supplements to the lists.

The latest time for the submission of application is 2 days following that date for dissolution in the Dil in the event of a general vote or two days following the decision setting the date for polling for other elections , or the date of a referenda.

The Document is required

  • To be eligible to vote in the referendum or election in Ireland you must be registered as a voter.
  • Voting is registered so that you have the right to vote on who represents you at the local government , national government at a national level, and European government at the European level.




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