How to Renew Your National Identity Card In Morocco

Renew Your National Identity Card In Morocco By Online

  1. Fill out your renewal forms at any registration center in Morocco that is usually located close to local police departments or close to the regional or provincial authorities offices. If you live in other countries, you can file applications through Moroccan diplomatic missions or embassies in the country where you currently living in.
  2. Also, you must provide a proof of residency and passport-sized pictures.
  3. If you are unable to visit an office for registration due to a significant impairment or disability or hospitalization complete your request form. It is also required to provide a proof of your impairment.

Required Documents For Renew Your National Identity Card

  • Moroccan Identity Card
  • Residence certificate can be obtained by the following sources:
    • Local Police
    • Local Gendarmerie, or an administrative authority
    • Moroccan consular offices
  • A copy of the webpage of the booklet containing the family members involved in the presentation of this book or a complete copy of the civil status register or an extract from the certificate of birth . The two last documents must have a validity period not more than three months (the surname and name of the applicant as well as his parents’ names should be with Arabic or Latin in the signature on the certificate of birth)
  • Dhs 75 Stamp Duty Dhs
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs of the applicant, in color and sized 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm on a plain background, and in a light color (light gray or mild blue recommended)The applicant is not allowed to wear dark glasses or wear anything that covers the face. Sample Photo

Office Locations and Contacts

National Electronic Identity Card Website

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation7 rue F. Roosevelt Rabat
Tel: 05 37 76 11 25/23 24
Fax: 05 37 76 55 08
Find Moroccan Consulates and Embassies abroad (left right)


All Moroccans who are 18 years old and over.


An Moroccan National Identity Card is valid for a time period which is 10 years.


Every citizen of Morocco are legally required to carry an identity card that is valid for national use. The validity of an ID card is for 10 years. A fine of 200DHS is due to citizens who cannot keep their Moroccan ID card.

The Document is required

The possession of a national identity card is a requirement in Morocco. The possession with an identity card can prove useful if Gendamerie or police require you to verify your identity.

An Moroccan digital ID card has an electronic chip in which information regarding the person who holds it is recorded.

Here are the steps on how to renew your national identity card.

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