How to Renewal of a passport In Morocco

Renewal of a passport In Morocco By Online

  • Download the application form at the Immigration Office.
  • Complete all the necessary information in two copies
  • Answers can be typed on or print them on the forms by using either black or Blue ink.
  • The only forms accepted by the consulate or immigration office are is the one made available by the Moroccan Immigration Authority at the immigration office.
  • Anyone who has an eID card don’t need to be fingerprinted since the centrally stored information are transferable to the individual’s Passport.

Please save the tracking number to check whether your passport is in good condition. You need to go to the immigration office website: – and check if it has been signed for by the Consulate of Morocco and then allow 10 business for passports and 5 business days for all other documents then track your mail by going to the immigration portal website. A website that outlines the requirements for issuance guides applicants through the process step-by-step, at the convenience of their laptops. Keep track of the tracking number of your passport to ensure you can keep track of it.

Required Documents For Renewal of a passport

  • A copy of an original and valid Moroccan identity Card.
  • Two personal photos for passports. The passport pictures should be 45x35mm and have a blue backgrounds.
  • A stamp fee equivalent to 600 Moroccan Dirhams.
  • A valid consular card.
  • Birth certificate or extract copy from the registry of birth.

Office Locations and Contacts

Minister of Expatriates and Immigration Affairs

Mr.Anis Birou

Rabat, Maroc

+212 (0) 537 77 65 88

+212 (0) 537 77 72 03

+212 (0) 537 77 65 64

Contact us via Fax: +212 (0) 537 06


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Address: 7 rue F. Roosevelt Rabat

Tel: 05 37 76 11 25/23 24

Fax: 05 37 76 55 08


To be eligible to renew your passport for Morocco it is necessary to have been a Moroccan citizen. Also, you must submit two new, identical photographs of you.


Certificate of damaged or lost passport 110.Dirhams.


Valid for 5 years.

Processing Time

Processing can take up to 4 weeks.


  • The processing time for your application could be denied if you do not comply with the requirements for passport photographs.
  • Please submit your passport from the past with the visa along with your application. Your passport from the previous one can be returned.
  • Keep both passports in case you need to apply for a visa from the passport you used previously.
  • If you’ve changed your name (eg through marriage, changing the spelling, or even added an additional middle name) You must submit additional documents in your application.
  • The applicant must present a certificate from your local Authority informing you that they apply for the renewal of their passport.
  • You must provide proof of citizenship such as National Identification cards.
  • Complete application forms in Arabic and English and French.

The Information You Need

  • Renewal Application Form that is signed by the applicant and completed with capital letters.
  • A copy of the passport that was issued originally (Pages 1 – 3)
  • Two passport-sized color photos with white backgrounds
  • A verbal note
  • Passport Renewal processing fees
  • In the event of renewal The passport that was previously used;
  • In the event of theft, or loss, a statement of theft or loss.

Documentation is needed

The passport can be described as a type of travel document that is usually issued by the government of a country that confirms the nationality and identity of the holder to facilitate traveling internationally. If you’re carrying your expired Moroccan passport, you can renew or exchange it at any point in Morocco.It is usually only three weeks to have you a new passport. It is imperative to replace your passport as quickly as you can, if it is showing more than fair wear and tear. Otherwise, you could not be permitted to travel in it. You have to renew your expiring passport prior to being able to travel.However should you replace an unclaimed or stolen passport You may be required to go through an interview, and your application could be longer.

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