How to Renewal of Health Insurance and Health Membership organisation (HMO) In Uganda

Renewal of Health Insurance and Health Membership organisation (HMO) In Uganda By Online

  1. To apply for renewal for Health Insurance or Health membership organisation (HMO) in Uganda, the applicant must have all insurance documents prior to going to the Insurance regulatory Authority of Uganda headquarters to begin the renewal process.
  2. The applicant can apply online through the Licensing portal that is accessible from the Authority website Insurance regulatory Authority
  3. Select an application form for renewal of insurance, complete the form in and send it along with all the required information along with a payment to the value of 3 million Ugshs the application form that is completed to the Insurance regulatory authority.
  4. An application for renewal of an insurance licence is required to be filed under the name of an individual or a company and filed on the standard form prescribed by the Authority. The form for application must be submitted along with the other necessary documents as well as the insurance plans proposed, which must meet minimum standards as stipulated in the Insurance Act.
  5. All health insurance and health-related organizations must be renewed before 1st January each year for two years.
  6. The applicants must include a copy of a insurance coverage for professional indemnity of the amount of insurance that is at the minimum UGshs.100 million.
  7. The applicant must make sure that when submitting for the Health renewal of insurance that they answer all questions of Authority that might be raised about the financial statements and returns of auditors from prior years.
  8. The applicant must ensure that the Management Accounts are filed at the end of June, 30th each year, and is endorsed with the approval of the External Auditor.
  9. The insured should also make sure that the quarterly reports and half annual returns are filed each year. (As per the Insurance Act).
  10. After having completed your application and have submitted the necessary documents, make sure you have paid all obligations to the insurance regulatory Authority prior to you submit your application.
  11. The application must be supported by the necessary documents as well as any other conditions as defined by the Authority. The requirements are:
    • Check that Capital of $500 million shillings is paid prior to the renewal licence is issued.
    • Attach proof of your compliance with the purchase of capital that was paid for as of June 30, the preceding year.
    • The applicant needs to provide evidence of security deposit up to 30th June of the prior year.
    • In this step, you should attach a copy tax identification number of your business.
    • Documentation of payment of annual contribution prior to 30th October, as per the advice of the Insurance Regulatory Authority.
  12. After the application has been received authorities will check the information and provide the applicant with a receipt. Make sure to secure it for any future transactions. Authorities will inform you of the next steps. This includes:
    • Request a copy the company’s tax returns which have been registered to the Uganda Registration Service Bureau.
    • in a vial to the to the insurance regulatory Authority to the insurance regulatory authority a plan of what he/she will do to organize the treaty reinsurance programme for the year in question, including:
      • The retention levels
      • Reinsurance capacities are sought for.
      • the names of reinsurers as well as their shares.
      • Commission Levels etc.
    • to access to avail Authority to avail the Authority Reinsurance program of the lead reinsurer or reinsurance broker to review and discussion as needed.
    • to get copies of duly signed treaty reinsurance coverage notes confirming 100% placement with the related insurance and in compliance with section 74 of the Insurance Act.
    • Include the insurance agent with whom that you wish to continue their insurance license in full with a charge of 100,000 Ugshs. per Agent (200,000 Ugshs. Corporate agents) This amount is non-refundable.
    • Include a Tax Identification number for each of your agents.
  13. The Authority will be able to, in the process of examining and making an account of an application, establish the Authority with a committee comprising at least three people from within the Authority who will make its findings to Authority in written form.
  14. Following the report of the Committee taking into consideration all formalities that must be met The applicant will then be advised to obtain an insurance renewal. Take the renewal license at the Insurance regulatory Authority of Uganda.
  15. The Authority will then issue the complete list of the applicants who have been granted a license by the gazette.
  16. Any HMO that has not been licensed and published for renewal at the when the list was published will be responsible for its own costs at the time of publication.
  17. The renewal insurance licences is subject to the requirements of the Act and the guidelines for health membership organisations and the contract between the insurance company and the authority. company.
  18. The applicant can contest the decision of the Tribunal within 30 days of the date of receipt of the notification from the Authority in the event that they are dissatisfied with the decision of the Authority. Authority as well as the Tribunal must make a ruling within thirty days of when the application was made.

Required Documents For Renewal of Health Insurance and Health Membership organisation

  1. Address, names, and nationality of directors of the person who is applying.
  2. If one of the directors was found guilty of an crime involving dishonesty or fraud, he/she must provide all the details. In addition, the applicant should provide
    • A copy of the Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy cover to protect the business interests against claims for error or omissions,professional neglect for both principals and employees,of at least Ushs.100 million;for the said staff.
    • Information about the company accountant who must be acknowledged as such by ICPAU and authorized IRA.
    • Proof of registration from Uganda registration services bureau/business-registration/registering-a-new-company.
    • A verified true copy of the article and memorandum (other document that outlines how is the Health Membership Organisation (HMO)) is established.
    • Annual accounts must be filed within three months of the close of the fiscal year, duly verified by an auditor who has been who is approved through the IRA.
    • Management Accounts within one month after the end the quarter.
    • A complete and signed curriculum vitae of directors as well as chief executive officer.
    • Names, nationality and shares of shareholders
    • A detailed and signed curriculum vitae for technical and managerial personnel.
    • A list of branches with address and phone numbers
    • Proof of valid permit of work for each staff members who are expatriate.
    • List of service providers (affiliates) that have signed agreements in conjunction with HMO.
    • A list of all agents who are employed.
    • Business Plan of the Company to be used for 3 (3) or five (5) years, endorsed with an outside auditor.
    • A true and certified duplicate of each type of insurance policy or contact the Company plans to issue.
    • A copy of the different benefits packages that will be provided to new members as well as the premium of each.
    • A copy of the registration certificate of The Medical Director, or person responsible for health services issued by Uganda Medical and Dentist Practitioners` Council for professional practitioners.
    • A list of all agents who are employed.
    • Proof of membership in The Insurance Institute of Uganda.
    • Copy of the current insurance licence (if there is one).).
    • Additional documents and documents that the Authority might require.
    • Make sure you fill out the personal fit and complete the appropriate questionnaire.
  3. All players who are licensed must make an annual contribution in accordance with the guidelines provided by IRA.
  4. All licensed players must pay a levy for training of 0.5 percent each quarter, which is payable in installments to the Insurance Institute of Uganda.

Office Locations and Contacts

Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda.Plot5, Kyadondo Road, Nakasero.
Legacy Towers, Block B 2nd Floor
P.O.Box 22855 Kampala,Uganda
Tel: +256 312-266364,
Alt:+256 414346712,
Alt:+256 414253564
Toll-free No.0800124124
Fax: 256-414349260
Email Address:
Web site: insurance Regulatory Office


  • Anyone who is conducting Health-related activities in Uganda can apply for Health insurance renewal.
  • Members of the HMO Association MUST produce certificate of membership in order to be eligible to renew their Licence.


  • Renewal Fee 3,000,000 Ugshs.


Validity: 12 Months.

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 3 Months


  1. The persons who are at executing the insurance contract, are citizens of Uganda;
    • Assets or goods located in Uganda;
    • Vehicles, ships, or aircraft that are registered in Uganda or
    • Goods from other countries, excluding the personal items and gifts.
  2. Local risks and individuals, including imports, are covered by insurance firms licensed to conduct trade in Uganda.
  3. A HMO license that allows the holder to offer health benefits plans to people who reside in Uganda only.
  4. A licensed insurer or an HMO must have and keep an amount of capital paid-up that is no less than sum specified in the regulations.
  5. Every share of an insurance company or HMO is paid in cash, unless the Authority or the Authority’s written approval is not received.

Requirements Information

Complete an application form by providing the following details.

  • It is the name that was given to applicants.
  • Address of the Postal Head office address.
  • Phone numbers, number of fax numbers Email addresses, fax numbers
  • Physical address
  • Capital of Share capital(i)Authorized and(ii)Paid-up capital
  • Address and name of auditors
  • The insurance business is meant to be transacted
  • Addresses and names of Bankers
  • Name of auditors from external auditors.
  • The total number of employees.
  • Total number of Agent(if any)
  • Director’s name. Director’s name.
  • Name of the company accountant who is to be acknowledged by the Institute of Certified Accountants of Uganda.

Information that could be helpful

  1. Every insurance company and HMO should establish and sustain an appropriate governance and management system.
  2. Each insurer as well as HMO must establish and implement the appropriate policies, strategies, and controls that are appropriate to the size, nature and complexity of their business and risk profile, and make sure that they are reviewed regularly and revised.
  3. The framework for governance and management will include:
    • the assignment of roles among directors, shareholders, senior management, and other key players who perform control functions.
    • The separation of the control function from management responsibility as well as
    • the proper supervision and control over the affairs and business that of an insurer HMO by directors and the senior management.
  4. The insurance company or HMO will regularly assess the competence of board members, the top management, the most important people with control roles and the most important owners.

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