How to Snowmobile Licence In Norway

Snowmobile Licence In Norway By Online

  1. To be eligible to get a category S license applicants must successfully complete the driver’s training course that is required.
  2. Fill out an application form. A link is available under the “Documents to Use’ that you are able to use to download the application form. In the application form you will see all the documents required to accompany your application.
  3. You can pay for the test in theory. The test can be completed at any of NPRA’s offices for Drivers and Licensing.

Required Documents For Snowmobile Licence In Norway

  • The completed application form

Note An option is given under the ‘Documents to Use’ section which allows you to download the application form. In the application, you will see all the documents required to be included with the application.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Directorate of Public Roads (Vegdirektoratet)

Directorate of Public Roads (head office):Statens Vegvesen Directorate of Vegdirektoratet
P.O. Box 8142, Dep
NO-0033 OSLO

Directorate of Public Roads (office address):
Brynsengfaret 6A
Telefax: + 47 22 07 37 68
Telephone: 02030
Conditions of traffic 175

Regional Offices

NPRA Eastern Region Eastern Region

P. O. Box 1010
NO-2605 Lillehammer
Tel 02030 (from outside the country 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 61 25 75 80

NPRA Southern Region Southern Region

PO Box 723
No-4808 Arendal
Tel 02030 (from overseas (+47 915 02030 from abroad)
Telefax: +47 37 01 98 01

NPRA Western Region Western Region

Askedalen 4
No-6863 Leikanger
Phone 02030 (from outside the country 07915 02030 (from abroad)
Telefax: +47 57 65 59 86

NPRA Central Region Central Region

No. 6404 Molde
Tel 02030 (from overseas (+47 915 02030 from abroad)
Telefax: +47 71 27 41 01

NPRA Northern Region Northern Region

PO Box 1403
NO-8002 Bordeaux
Phone 02030 (from outside the country (+47 915 02030 from abroad)
Telefax: +47 75 55 29 51



The minimum age required to get the Snowmobile licence is 16, however, until 18 the entitlement to drive is restricted only to Category 1 (snowmobile with a power/weight ratio that is not more than 0.20 kg/kW). The new rules came into effect on 1 . July 2006. drivers who received a licence to drive for tractors, motorcycles or passenger vehicles (category B) for the first time are not granted category S free of charge.


  • Theoretical Test 580 NOK
  • The driver’s license is issued The cost of a driver’s licence is 267 NOK
  • Photo: 70 NOK


Driving licence categories A1 B1, A1 B1, B1 M, S, and T typically have a lifetime validity, if all the way to 100. In certain circumstances, the validity can be limited to a shorter time (criminal record, health issues and no night driving). After reaching the age of 70, validity of your driving license is dependent on having the correct medical certification when driving.

Medical certificates have the validity of 1 to 5 years subject to the holders health.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form


The new rules for category S state that applicants have the right to drive snowmobiles after they have completed mandatory training and passing a theory test.

Documentation is needed

This guideline provides details on how to apply for an Snowmobile Licence (Category S).

External Links

Norwegian Public Roads Administration



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