If the observer (observing an electron) rotates by 360 degrees, will the state of that electron change?

Okay, so let’s talk about relativity. Let’s first define “relative”. Let’s say you have an arrow pointing to the left. The arrow points right for the person sitting opposite you. However, the arrow is true for you both. Direction is relative. The arrow is absolute.

Let’s return to the original question: If an observer’s orientation changes, then energy, spin, and charge will not change. These quantities are independent from observer. The position of the electron can change. In the beginning, the person might be on the right side of the electron and at the end, they could be on their left.

When applying Theory of Relativity, you must understand the significance of the word “relative”.

Edit: The electron’s orientation will not change because it rotates by 360 degrees.

PS- Thank you Aniket Pratap Singh, for the correction.

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