Is 35 too old to be an electronic music producer?

Your age shouldn’t limit your ability to invest in anything that is unlikely to make you a living wage in most other countries.

The amount of time that you have to pursue hobbies depends on your financial and social status. You will be able find the time to improve your production skills, network, and stay current with technology and the industry if you don’t have to support others or pay bills.

Personally, I have financial obligations which cannot be met by making electronic music tracks. I work full-time.

Would you rather make music all day? Yes.

Would you like to play videogames for 8 hours per day, and then try to be a professional gamer? Sure.

What about disc golfing for 8 hours per day, or riding 200 miles every day in an effort to be a professional athlete? That would be amazing.

These things will put food on the tables and clothes on my back. It would be possible, but I would have to dedicate all my resources and time to this one thing. In today’s society, failing to achieve a professional goal by your 30s will leave you behind your peers in terms savings and assets. It is so sad that we live in such a society. I wish that there was a world where performing and making art could be a viable way to make a living.

If you have the resources and time to make music, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a professional musician. Only the demands of society have stopped me…

Aaaaand complete lack of talent and effort ;-).

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